Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Western Clothes

Waddup blogettes.

I noticed a trend when the weather get cooler.....NO ONE BLOGS. Sup' with dat.

Anyways, yesterday was unseasonablly warm for Missouri...wait, the weather is normally psycho bipolar. Duh.

Anyways. Warm. So I asked H if I could ride Pronto & Emma if she wanted to take Yankee out for a trail ride. I wanted to show her the loop so she could go on her own if she wanted.

We were feeling squirrely and decided to dress Yankee up in western clothes....


Oh my fuq.

That is just....I can't even. He pulls off the pink though doesn't he?

They are just adorable. Gah.

Sadly, Mr. Pronto accidentally nailed Yankee good right above the knee less than halfway through our ride. Mr. P and Yankee both share the pussy gene, in that they hate flies and overreact to all bugs. This was Pronto, kicking out at a fly...and nailing poor Yanks.

I was mortified because it started pouring blood immediately....and I thought he gouged an artery. But he didn't.

It didn't even swell, just bled forever and he wasn't lame, but I wanted to play it on the safe side, so we took him home to bed.

I also figured out how to get a bandage to stay on the upper leg. Polo wrap and vet wrap over the top of that. Didnt budge. WIN.

It was fine this morning...just hella deep. Eeek.

He's getting shaved monday! Its supposed to be like 75 all week. GAY. Especially since the nights have already crept below freezing here and now all the ponies will be all kinds of confused.



  1. the weather has been crazy here too... 70's and 80's in the day and high 40's at night.

    Hope Yankee's knee is ok!

  2. Real men wear pink....and english breastplates with their western saddles! Get better soon, Yankee!

    1. Hilarious you noticed :P I almost said something in the post but i didnt I want to point out more ridiculousness since he was already wearing pink haha

  3. LOL! Pink? Hehehehehe!

    I'm glad his knee is okay! I hate when that happens....

    Oh and I don't blog in the winter because it's freaking cold and depressing......