Sunday, March 24, 2013

Confidence Boost

These winter blues are a reoccurring thing apparently. Shitty rides (leaving me in doubt for this season) and missing my boy have made my life seem bleak. I've literally slept till 5PM the last two days thanks to being overworked and a lingering cold. It was miserable.

But, nothing like getting hit on at a gas station at 1am to make one feel better about things though.

oh wait.

No, nothing like buying things on Ebay you don't really need to make you feel better.

oh wait.

No, no, its, nothing like making bank at work because of March Madness. Yeah. Thats it.

Despite my boy being gone for a whole week without cell coverage (I feel like I'm dying not be able to talk to him. Oh the curses of growing up in a technology driven age.) it hasn't been too hateful.

oh wait.

I forgot. It snowed 7 inches last night...

WHERE THE HELL IS SPRING. Like seriously I have an event in less than 2 months and XC schooling in 3 weeks. But really, Yanks wasn't hateful this week, the whole two times I rode.  He had a bit of the Spring willies and jumpies but he was well behaved for our dressage school and put forth a lovely, soft effort.

I just LOVE that he is finally using his back end and really pushing through, even lunging. AND this is his worst direction, so I have high hopes for our scores this year.

I'm not being too optimistic about the AECs since there is no chance in hell that we would ever score a 29 with his TB trot and that tends to be the leaders' score from beginning to end. BUT if we can just twerk out with a solid XC school before the event, I feel confident going out training the first time and possibly scoring in the top 3. Maybe. That's be the tits.

We've been in relative work all winter and jumped once a week. His dressage is improving AND we've been at this level for 4 years.

Thanks to my unpreparedness in the past, we've been less than successful but I'm doing all I can to make sure we are 110% for Mill Creek. Last year I fell off there thanks to a last ditch decision to go and even at Queeny (2 months after) we barely prepped. I'm an idiot.

This is one of the most disjointed posts I've ever made but my brain feels like jelly.


I promise I'll post better this week.


  1. He looks great in the lunging picture.

  2. Can we get a spoiler alert next time? I hadn't watched last night's episode yet. :(

  3. I rambling thoughts, missing boyfriend, the little things that make life better, plans to NOT be unprepared, and then snow to really throw a monkey wrench into things. Oh and lets not forget Zombies!
    All the makings of a perfectly wonderful post! Seriously. Welcome to the world of Jelly Brain. I think we all go through it from time to time. It does subside though (unless of course you are an avid pot smoker, then it never goes away- lol) Usually once boyfriend returns and weird spring snow storms finally stop showing up, and life returns to some sort of normal.
    My mom was supposed to fly to your neck of the woods for the weekend to visit my bro and judge a dog show. Show got canceled because of the storm.

  4. That was supposed to say :Ah rambling thoughts"

  5. >:[ Thanks for the spoiler.

    haha... no really.. I mean I guess everyone turns into a zombie in the end.

  6. Ahh! Spoiler! I feel your pain about the weather... Spring is on the way... it has to be, right?

  7. Mearle is a zombie? Wut?!?! Haha, I think you can do the top 3 at the AECs! Dream big :)

  8. I guess I'm the only one who doesn't watch that show?

    I have to agree about the growing up in a technology driven world and missing someone who has no internet/cell access.... sucks!!! I hope he's home soon. :D

    I too am so ready for actual spring to get here lol.

    You'll do great at the show!