Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Training

I am supremely jelly of you people who are eventing already or working with Becky Holder and shit :P

I already missed TWO schooling shows because of work so I'm getting anxiety about our first outing in less than two months time. Not only because of the missed schooling shows, but I will most likely miss our ONLY XC schooling opp as well. In addition, the first show of the year for us just so happens to be the ONE AND ONLY time I've ever fallen off Yankee, AND at a show. After 17 yrs of riding and 7 with Yankee, I couldn't believe I had never fallen at a show, but my one year anniversary is coming up and making it all the worse that we haven't schooled XC.

I'm trying my damndest to squeeze in some schooling sessions inbetween my 40-50 hrs of work a week. On top of that I've had this damn cold for over three weeks and I'm on the struggle bus to maintain energy throughout the day.

This week I had 2 dressage schools, a 2 mile gallop/hack and a jumping school. None of which were really great. The dressage sessions were dismal at best with Yanks flipping his face, hollowing his back, sidestepping/pacing, resisting contact and pretty much sucking in general. Frustrate. The hack was OK- I took Levi along and he had a grand ole' time galloping along with us. Yankee listened but was so crooked I felt like I was going to slide off his back. UGH. The jump school was pretty horrendous, in that horse charged the fences, bucked afterwards and never got his leads. Not a great start to our "spring training".

The boys after our run

3 loop serpentine exercise over 3'6-3'9 fences

I give up for this week.

I blame it on the wonky weather. One day it will be 75 and the next 30 degrees. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I just want summer to be here so the temps will at least REMAIN at a constant blister.

Perhaps next will will be better. Here's to hoping.


  1. You're gonna have to go back there eventually. An xc school would be nice, but you badasses will make it. :)

  2. The weather sucks!!

    If you are doing that serpentine I think you will be FINE!!

    PS Your dog is too freakin cute

  3. Your dog is adorable. You guys will be okay. Bad weather does seen to put a damper on everything!

  4. I saw you were looking for new bit options for your guy,and have you tried a Waterford? I have my badass but cray ottb guy in one for stadium and xc. The d ring one works best for him, although I'm not sure what Yankee prefers. But it's the same thing with Monte (my guy),he is too light for an elevator but too strong for a snaffle. Give it a try if you haven't already.

    1. I actually have a waterford and tried it last year on XC and it just wasnt QUITE strong enough. Thats why I wanted to pair it with the lever or kineton for nose pressure. Thansk though!!