Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm Wanty Again

Its that time of year again. That time of year a few months after Christmas and birthday, and a few months before eventing season begins. the season where where my inner tack whore becomes greedy again. So greedy. And wanty. The most wanty.

Its an ongoing sickness among equestrians. We are never satisfied with our current tack trunk. IT JUST HAPPENS. No one can stop it. Even if you try to crush it with reason, the whore persuades you to gaze longingly at Dover magazines and peruse Bit of Britian online. There are always new and improved things coming out. Things to buy! Money to spend! Must haves.

This Wanty season I don't actually want for much but what I want is expensive. Per usual. Some of the things I've always been like, "one day". Some of the things I actually NEED (need in the equestrian showing sense). Some I want but will never ever own because they are as much as a down payment on a car.

Things I "Need"

XC Bit: 
I'm still debating what would be best for Yankers on XC. The 3 ring elevator is too strong for him now that he's trained, but a plain snaffle is not enough. He pulls, but not enough to rip your shoulders out. He just needs a little "one-two" half halt and he comes right back, but he completely ignores the waterford snaffle and the slow twist full cheek I've tried.

 I was thinking either using a kineton noseband with the waterford, trying the gag converter hanger Dover sells or getting a combination Meyler bit, but even the meyler seemed a bit strong.  

Any suggestions from those with over exuberant OTTBs?

Kineton -$80
Meyler $90-$130

Gag converter-$70

Field Boots: $250

My current field boot are slowly dying and are 4 yrs old. I have a GIANT rip on the inside calf of one, they look like shit and are too small. I just have never been able to afford new ones. Ever since my half chaps quit on me two years ago I've been riding in my SHOW BOOTS instead of buying new half chaps. Mistake. I am an idiot. One of these days I will have to work some double shifts and snag a pair, hopefully off eBay, but seriously I need them NOW. My boots are nowhere near show (or regular riding quality since they don't fit) quality and make me look like a noob.

Things I Want

XC boots: Dalmar $80

These became popular last year with eventers and I've lusted after them since the first time I saw them. ALL of my eventer friends have them and swear by them. Lightweight, breathable and study, they are JUST want us eventers want and NEED in a boot for XC. Heat dissipation is a major issue to worry about with the tendons in the legs and these are specially ventilated just for that. I am in love with the look of them, especially since our XC are blue/white and they already have blue on them! I REALLY am going to save up for these this season. First thing on my list actually behind a bit.

Cool-Support Polos: Equi-Fit $85
Our BO and a few dressage riders use these and I've always liked the idea behind them. They are like polos, but they are meant for extra support and have a cooling effect on the legs, which polos do NOT have. Again, in summer (or anytime really) I always worry about the tendons overheating. They really do work but at the price I've never really been able to justify it. Maybe I will suck it up and buy some for our summer schooling sesh's. I feel Yankee is worth it.
Back on Track Blanket: $260

This would be nice to have for events to help ponyface feel a bit better. I don't know if they really work, but a few boarders have them and seem to think they do. Anything to help my baby after the exertion of a show. If only.
Thing I Will Never Have
Phillip Dutton Saddle: $I don't even wanna know

I will always want for this saddle. The first time I ever saw it I sat my ass in it and fell in love. It was like sitting on a perfect cloud. I heart the look of this gorgeous hunk of cowhide, the holes for breathe ability, how lightweight it is and the perfection it exudes. I love love love love it. Maybe one day when I win the lottery..

So gorgeous. I can't even.
So another Wanty season comes and will probably go, but I will give it my best effort to at least get field boots, XC bit and XC boots. I feel those are the most prudent, right? In the perspective of a tack whore who just wants the best for her pony..


  1. As an H/J'er, that saddle has me going, "whaaaat?!".

  2. I knew I liked you, you and your blue/white XC colors!!

  3. I have the wanties SO FREAKING BAD. I don't know yanks personally and I don't recall how he gallops, but Cuna is offended by strong bits while being way too strong for a snaffle. He runs in a happy mouth mullen pelham with connectors and it's great. I'm thinking that Yanks might be a little too naturally uphill for that to be a fab idea though.

    Heh. Hitting the tack sale this weekend for one super wanty item. I'll blog it. ;)

  4. So, Im going to do the Kineton and Waterford myself this year, normally go in a rubber straight pelham. On good days I can do a level one Myler. Its a lot stronger than you think. That combination Myler would be WAY too much if your three ring is, like WAY too much.

    Could also try a hackamore.

    Check out the Premiere Equine boots, similar to Dalmar but without the dangerous carbon fibre inserts that have been known to tear tendons. I have my eyes on those.

    I also want that BOT rug....frig where is the damn money tree!

    1. He goes in a hacakmore in stadium but blows thru it on Xc. Thinking the boseband w waterford might be best bet. We tried the meyler and it was ok, a lityle too much but we connected the snaffle and lower ring...

  5. I would try a kimberwicke for XC. That's what I use for my OTTB and it works wonderfully. I love it because unless he is pulling it acts just like a normal snaffle.

  6. I'm slowly buying things I NEED right now, but it's just making me have the WANTS even more. Want all the things? No. NEED ALL THE THINGS!

  7. I have a myler snaffle with hooks that I like. Attaching the reins to the hooks gives just a little bit of leverage, and there is a slot you can also put a curb chain on it if you needed more.

  8. Have you tried a pelham? I use it on Super Kid, and she is a little over excited. I want those same XC boots! But they expensive. I sat on that saddle at a tack store and my butt was like WOAH? are we sitting on a pillow???

  9. I always think if only I could get (insert tack item, accessory, apparel) it would be perfect and I would be happy...and then another thing I want (NEED!!!) comes right along! Sigh.... if I won the lottery I'd spend it all at SmartPak, etc.

  10. I want a back on track blanket so bad. My old coach had one and they really do work.
    I want so many things but my back account is so very empty....

  11. BoT works. I have things for me and the horse and noticed the difference. Go to their facebook page they are selling older items major discounted.

  12. BoT are great products. My BoT mesh sheet actually arrives tomorrow and I'm pumped!

    I use a kineton on my gelding with a KK And really like it. He also is sensetive to harder bits and this normally does the trick. I've never tried it with a Waterford... We've used the Waterford alone but I feel like until the kineton I was constantly playing musical bits. I bought mine at a show for $25 I think. Try eBay :)