Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trail Rides

A couple days ago the girls and I hauled (not with my truck) to Three Creeks trails to celebrate spring. It was GORGEOUS 65 degrees, perfect for a ride. I was actually a little chilly. I think thats the only time I rode that week though and I haven't ridden since.

I paid dearly for our fun though, and the very next day I came down with a raging death fever and haven't felt very good since then. You ask, "you seem like youre always sick?" Why yes. Yes I am. Thanks to an immunity disorder (not life threatening, don't worry), I spent my childhood with a fever, and my teenage years with a persistent cold. Then in college I pretty much had the flu every month, and now I basically live feeling like death everyday. Like, literally everyday. So thanks to that in ADDITION to allergies, its really hard to get out of bed everyday. More than usual. Ugh. So that sucks.

Anyways, here are some boring pictures of us galavanting in the pretty death flowers and frolicking in the water. Yanks had a good time with his buddies.

Bitch, I'm fabulous

The paints :( Fancy LOVED the water

Currently my new fav pic of the boy and me

Love that crazy mane

That tail doh>>>>


  1. Glad his tail came back well. :) Little things in life, right?

  2. I hope you feel better! I'm in the same boat. I don't get sick often but because if lack of immune system, when I do get sick it's awful. Glad you got to do the trail ride! Can't wait to bring bushwhack w Mr. Brantley!

  3. It is nice to see you post again, and one ride is better than none! We do what we can when we can and for now it just has to be good enough.

    The pics are great!

  4. Feel better! Looks like it may have been worth it for such a fun ride though :)

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  6. That's a sexy trail horse you have there!! ;)

  7. Pretty tail!! Sorry you've been sick. Having an immunity disorder sucks!!! And so many people just don't give a crap. If people would wash their hands you wouldn't get sick so much. Sorry that's a personal pet peeve of mine. I wish people would be more considerate. I hope you feel better soon.