Monday, June 24, 2013

I Am Just The Worst

So. I didn't blog like I said I would...haha. OOps. Then I came back and saw I got nominated four times for the leibster blog award! Thanks guys, must go read about what that is :D

First a quick update...

Yankee has officially not been jumped in almost 6 weeks....what has happened with my life GAH. He has really been off since April. I think I've ridden maybe 4 times since then and lunged about 10 times...I suck.

But guys....its like a thousand degrees here. And I can barely afford his board even with 3 jobs soooo I just haven't had time!

A late night visit after work
 Yanks is GREAT though. He loves time off because he gets to get fat and shiny and stuff his face with expensive hay and grain :P I lunged him two days ago, and rode last night and it is VERY obvious how much muscle he has lost in his ass end. Depressing, but I'm going to suck it  up and get up at 5:30 at least 4 days a week to ride. I WILL.

Lookin good even after time off
I DID make it on the barn team for the Show Me State Games (mini Olympics) for dressage and that is in 4 I actually have to ride, haha! We are getting polo shirts made and I'm goign to paint our logo on our saddle pads. How cuuuuute. Matchy matchy.

Last week I was in Ohio visiting my family and got to see the mare I sold before I moved here. She was a total chesnut mare bitch but I loved her. We went riding and it was super fun! Love seeing horses I've sold :)

Dutchess is not amused

In other news, like a thousand people have asked me for drawings and paintings and I can barely keep them straight, let alone DO them! I work 60 hours a week people! However, I'm going to set up a FB page for orders, and get the link to my art blog (its still in the construction phase!) if anyone wants something! I do more than horses too by the way :)

Those are the most recent ones I have done but I can do so much more! I don't think I posted the commission I did for Matthew B and his GF, but it was of her late horse Zylan.

More later with the Liebster thing and riding stuffs. Mwah.


  1. Ooo, that tiger painting is awful! You're a champ for getting up at 5:30 to ride, I don't think I could do that :)

  2. Welcome back! You are busy girl!!!

    Yankee looks great all fat and shinny!

  3. I just found out the Appaloosa I sold before thanksgiving is in a rescue. The rescue owner has been a real jerk to me and doesn't understand someone being upset that a horse they sold is at a facility run off donations that recently posted they only have two bales of hay left.

    According to her, I should be thankful the new owner was "unselfish" enough to turn him over to a rescue and I ought to pray all the horses I sell end up in rescues. And that the new owner lies and says they sold him to a little girl.

  4. The expensive part hurts. I hear you there.

  5. Wow your artwork is gorgeous - please do link us to art blog & fb page!

  6. WOW!! I'm am constantly amazed by your artwork! Love it!

    I've haven't been nearly as busy as you and I haven't posted either so don't feel bad. I think the extreme heat and humidity are getting to me. I just can't handle it like I used to.

    Yankee looks great! Good luck with getting up that early to ride. You are way more dedicated than I am lol. I only get up that early for emergencies. That's prime sleeping time LOL!