Thursday, July 18, 2013

Buncha' Asshats

There are two of them, actually.

One is myself.

I did it again.

While I was doing this....

(Celebrating A's 21st)
I was doing this (apparently)....

HAHAHA. Goddamit. What is my drunk brain thinking?? That money grows on trees?

You may all remember a few years ago when I did the EXACT same thing with with a 3 point german made breastplate. I spent lots more on that one.

Whats a tack whore to do though? I guess my reasoning  (I can slightly remember saying this to myself) was that "hey, its an HDR, Jackie is taking her 5 point back, I NEEEEED one (DUH WE ARE EVENTERS (THAT DONT EVEN EVENT BTW)) and its soooo cheap. Yes. MUST HAVE. Bid please!"

My phone bling blooped at me around 11pm and I was like "Holy shit guys, I guess I accidentally bought a 5 point?" All of my friends ride so they of course supported my dumb ass, but silently judged me because I had been complaining about the $5 cover because I'm "too poor for this shit".

And thats the story of me and Ebay and why I am an asshat.

The second assface is my silly pony. Apparently when you give an 11 year old hock injections it takes away 8 years of training.  Like, all of it.

I have the war wounds to prove it (blisters).

I lunged Yankee tuesday and he was looking FABULOUS. And fresh. He spent half the time bucking. I chalked it up to being penned up in his stall for the required 3 days after injections. But seriously, fabulous. Toe flicky, hind end engaged, back round, etc.

He feels like a new man.

Too new. Like out of the uterus new. Jerk.

I rode yesterday and about cried.

Pone was THE definition of green. As soon as I got on he was tense, nervous, tight, resistant, tossy, jerky and assholey. He yanked on my hands, danced sideways, tossed his head, squealed, bucked, resisted contact, danced in place (oooh la la, PIAFFE!) and made me look a complete idiot (of course everyone was in the ring that day).

All he really seemed to want to do was dance around sideways and be an idiot, so I said FINE LETS SCHOOL HALF PASS FOR HALF HOUR.

They were flawless. He loved it. I guess he just wanted to dance?


  1. Sounds like Yankee is feeling quite good :)

  2. He was showing you his new moves? Aye horses!

    oooooo nice purchase :)

  3. Yeah......Farley had never reared before and a week after the injections at our first 50 miler post injections she spent the first 5 miles on her hind legs. It was only then that I realized how much her discomfort must have been bothering her :)

  4. So glad he's feeling better.. :) The first day or so can be exciting.

    Also. I keep contemplating buying that same breastplate, even though I have nothing to ride and 3 perfectly usable breastplates just sitting around. I just need a five point, ok?

    I'm sure you understand.

  5. I bought the exact same breastplate brand new for $75. And got free shipping. I think your drunk ass got jipped on ebay, lol. ;)

  6. I know! He was feelin good. Mustve been keeping his discomfort a super secret because I didn't realize how different he would be! Bad horse mommy :/

  7. Drunk Ebaying! Been there. Done that more often that I'd like to admit!

  8. I have that EXACT one, and love it. YAY happy pony dancing!

  9. Glad he's feeling better! Hopefully he'll return to his senses soon :-)

  10. Looks like that breastplate/ ones like it by HDR sell from 75-90. But if you're excited that's all that matters. A lot of horses get a bit fresh post injections because they feel so much better. Nicku from The Polka Dot Periodical recently went through this too. Glad he's feeling better! And hope he returns to this planet soon.

  11. glad hes feeling better...I am trying to stay away from eBay (and failing).