Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All The Happenings

This week was the most eventful of sorts and has put me in a fantabulous mood.

IT began by saying goodbye to my semi-trusty sexual but ancient truck. I've had it since I was 16 and its 14 years old this year...I think I spent more on new tires and repairs than what its worth and spent quite a while worrying about the trustiness of hauling long distances. It was time.

I will miss Big Sexy (yes thats his name. We name all our cars) but he served me well and I shall always remember his service and rusty spots and sticky gear shift and rumbly roar and searing leather seats and crooked headlights that barely worked. Love you baby.

In his place I bought an SUV. And I am madly in love. Its perfect. I LOVE driving it around AND it can haul. My new baby is a savvy Honda Pilot 4wd, 6 seat piece of metal ass.

Out with the old, in with the new

My parents called it the Great Car Switch of Summer 2013. I sold the Big Sexy, in the process of selling the trailer and my car (Green Bean), I took The Boss from my dad for a massively discounted price, Dad took my brothers sports car, The Silver Bullet, bought my brother a new car, Smiley,  Mom kept RedGreen, her Prius and they bought a truck, Ghost. Dad drove Boss here, got Big Sexy and the trailer and went back to OH. Did you get all of that? All in all...it worked out nicely and I don't owe a bank A FRICKING DIME.

So that was much excite.

I am in need a of a trailer though. One that weighs 2k lbs without a horse. Soooo if any of you in the Missouri area know of one...thatd be sweet to hit me up.

I also went on my first float trip ever this weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN. Nothing like drinking for 9 hours on a river with hundreds of other college kids soaking up the sun.

Also much excite.

Yankee has been a DREAM since the first horrendous ride and I am REALLY looking forward to the USDF/SMSG Area 4 Champs this weekend!

Looking very dressagey

The injections melted away his tense attitude and he has literally been perfect since then and oh so sexual in every transition and halt. Hopefully getting pics tomorrow of some schooling!

Levi dog went to the vet and got his nads removed. He is a very sad pup. He hasn't perked his ears once since we left the vet office. I think he thinks I tricked him because he went into the office super duper happy bouncy playful and came out with a look on his face like, FUCK YOU I HATE YOU. Kind of funny in retrospect. Some pain meds and a week of healing he will be brand new though.

Sad dog is sad.
This week it FINALLY stopped feeling like satans sweaty ballsack outside and cooled to  tolerable mid 80s temps. The Yankee has been feeling very derp lately, whether due to feelin' good or the weather. But its pretty ridiculous.

How special
Very much looking forward to a show that isn't a thousand face melting degrees outside!!


  1. The Great Car Switch -- I love it! My family has been all about the new cars too. And we name all of ours as well... mine is Lancelot.

  2. Yay for some good news! Glad the injections worked so well for Yanks. :) They are magic.

  3. Yahoo great news!!

    Yeah tried to follow the car swap... not sure I did lol!

  4. Great news! Glad the injections helped :-)

  5. your heeler is so cute! Mine needs to be snipped too...poor boy.

  6. Yankee is so gorgeous! I'm glad he's feeling better. :D

    I have an SUV too and never want to drive anything else. I was in a fender bender recently and there was not a dent at all in my SUV. :D And I can haul feed (and my dogs) in the rain without it (them) getting soaked lol. I even haul hay in it. :) Congrats!