Friday, July 5, 2013

Oh Happy Day

Yesterday was not only the fourth of July, a holiday I halfheartedly celebrate (Never been a fan of fireworks...reminds me too much of thunder-which I am deathly afraid of. Plus America was born over 200 years ago. Over it.), but it was my anniversary with the boy. I mad ehim come to the barn >:) He's afraid of horses, so its really hard to get him to come but he videoed some jumping for me! It went SUPER DUPER well.

Scared boy is scared

Fat TB is fat
Yankee was absolutely perfect, even though there was a storm brewing and the neighbors were lighting off fireworks. Simultaneous distractions. The horses in the pasture were freaking but Yanks gave zero fucks. Reasons why I love him.

He was SPRING LOADED yesterday and I had a hard time getting him to lift his knees over anything that wasn't at least 3'6..

Exhibit A:

But he was exceptionally light in the bridle and and quick to turn. It was a great ride.

For not having jumped in over 2 months (besides out little jaunt last week) he sure surprised me with good behavior. I was having a little bit of a hard time with my eq. but he tolerated me and put forth some very good efforts over some bigger fences..

Video HERE

I love this horse.

I have some big news to explain in a few posts. Don't get too excited, its nothing very exciting, just big. Also, Yankee is getting ridden this weekend in a 2 day dressage clinic by a teenage girl who's horse is still lame. She came out and rode him this AM and Yankee was on his bedt behavior, so I hope it goes well!!


  1. Such good pictures! That second last picture especially is siiiiiick.

  2. scared boy did sure look scared...hell learn! lol

  3. I love your pony, he is adorable and if he could have kids Super Kid would be having one. Horses are big and can hurt you so he should be scared, but we love ponies too much

  4. He's beautiful! Just love his expression over the fences!!

  5. Gorgeous photos, love the 4th from last!

  6. Dang I hate when I take blogging breaks and miss out on stuff... the video is private for some reason. The pictures are AWESOME though! You guys look great. :D Happy belated anniversary!