Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's Tuesday.

 In case you didn't already know my horse is an absolute flamer for boys. He is the most gay for geldings. I am okay with this and accept him for it because I too dislike most mares. They are too moody, and apparently Yankee agrees with me.

This week we got a new boarder and he just so happens to be a sexy young OTTB with some cool coloring...and Yankee has fallen hard in love with the boy named Smokey.

  They are absolutely adorable and already never move from the others side in the field.

I've never seen an Thoroughbred with Smokey's coloring and I learned they are called "bloody shoulders". A little gruesome, but OK.

He also eats more than any horse I've ever met in my life, and Pronto was massive.

Just a little OTTB fun
ON the non-Yankee-relationship front, I've ACTUALLY been getting up early to ride. Yes. I have. Its been going quite well too actually. Been on a few hacks, one slightly bad jump school, and a few phenomenal flat sessions. He's been SUPER relaxed through all transitions and loose in his back and light in the bridle. Which is a pleasant surprise. The jump school I'd rather not talk about, but we are trying again on Thursday ;)

Which is my one year anniversary with the boy, by the way. I know that its "only" a year, but I've known him for four years so it seems  longer. He's so great.

I also feel like I should share the product of me leaving my horse and my job for a week to visit my rents in Ohio. Not only was it my mom's retirement form the Air Force ceremony after 30 yrs. in the service (She was a full bird COL, crossfit instructor and serious badass extraordinaire)....


 .....but it was time for family photos. I HATE posing for serious pictures...

...I'm so thrilled. Can't you tell? Doesn't help they all crossfit and I'm the fatty in the family.

And here's one of me and my stupid dog. I love him.

Pics friday, from jumping. I hope!


  1. Ah "gelding love." I agree it's better than dealing with a mare, although sometimes Alex is so emotional, he seems like a mare :-)

  2. Love that bloody shoulder coloring...really awesome. Your fam photos are super cute and you look beautiful! Congrats on the big 1 year! Everyone I know is vegan and does cross fit...overrated!

  3. Aww, Yankee and Smokey are definitely in the honeymoon stage!

  4. Yay for new field friends - Smokey's colouring reminds me of Carlow Cruiser - lovely jumping horse by the legendary stallion Cruising. Quick google turned up photos if you're curious. He gorgeous but a right cheeky chappie - refused to pass the arena gate/exit at the Hickstead Derby one year.
    Family photos look fab - i deff wouldn't call you fat! Boy is your brother tall...if that is your brother!

  5. Congrats to your mom and thanks to her for her service!!

  6. Your mom is awesome! Your dog is adorable...a heeleR?? Love him.

  7. Pronto WAS huge? Is he gone? Did I miss something? Or did you not mean to use past tense?

    Yankee's new boyfriend is pretty. ;)

    I think you look fabulous in the family photos (fat? huh?). :D