Friday, July 26, 2013

Practice Makes...Mediocre

Apparently the pitfall in this relationships is me.

Yankee has been pretty brilliant and I thought I was pretty fly myself, until I looked at picture evidence of my delusion.

I have a serious case of hand in lap.


When did this happen? How did this happen? Why did this happen?

We may never know.

Tuesday I ran through our first test (since I can only sort of memorize one USDF test at a time. Sort of) and it felt a little tense, but overall it was okay. Just okay. WE wouldn't win any classes with it, but he feels a thousand times better than he used to, so that right there is a win. All of our mistake are mine and mine alone.

Down centerline was actually very nice. Solid bend and pretty straight...

Our first extension was...barely there...But I will take a relaxed frame more than a fabulous fip toe and extend anyday even if the judge doesn't...

The canters were relaxed and our best movements. The injection magic is most noticeable in our canter...

Nice and uphill


The stretchy circle was half our best move in the test. Literally EVERY SINGLE TIME I SCHOOL him he immediately really reaches for contact and is gorgeous, but EVERYTIME I do a test he's like.."contact, hwat is dis?" And only reaches slightly forward and down in the last 1/3 of the circle...better than nothing I guess...

dats okay I supposes

At least he's round and pushing!

The second extension was..better but still nothing like it could've been...

Our trot circles were inconsistent. He was falling out a few times..but I blame my dismal riding and eq...

Hunched shoulders, hands in lap, collapsing much?
Our free walk was aight, I would've guessed we got a 7. He needed more impulsion but he had swing and reach. Pretty hit or miss movement in tests. I've gotten anywhere from 4's-9's so it really could go whichever way his OTTB ADD takes him...

Overall it was just okay. I think it was mostly in MY head and terrible rising so I'm major pep talking myself before we head out early in the AM. The weather is going to be perrrrffff and we (my team) got matching polos! HASHTAG SWAG.

And here's Yanks being derp per usual. I accidentally flipped the reins over when I got off and he just stood there..

After our ride I went through our regular carrot stretchies. I firmly believe these help and he's gotten WAY better since I started them.

Also I don't know if you've seen his trick but its pret-tey imp-pressive

Hopefully our next update will be positive and possibly with some pretty ribbons! I
m really nervous about our leg yeilds in our second test..they're seriously inconsistent in shows. EEEKK.

Go Team Stoney Hill!


  1. I think being selfaware is the first step to fixing a problem. I get down all the time at my perceived pitfalls but then realize that I realized it therefore I can do something about it

  2. Why Have We Not Seen The Cool Bowing tricK Yet? Love The Derp Face.

  3. Yeah ribbons!!! :) Win lots!

  4. That *is* a really impressive bow!

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  6. I love doing carrot stretches with Koda too! Every time, he always has a few pops happen. LOVE the bow trick, how did you train that?

  7. Wow, that bow is impressive!

  8. Houston was taught to bow by the old groom at our now old farm... He unfortunately has the biggest head in the world and the one time I asked him to do it he legitimately almost flipped over- his butt went in the air. I no longer ask for that anymore... Good luck!

  9. Waylon Roberts had a tip for your hands - you should always be able to see them in your peripheral vision when you ride. So in the bottom of your sight line, your hands should always be visible. I found it helpful.

  10. LOVE the bow! He is so handsome!

    For the hands my trainer told me to chant heavy elbows. You can't have heavy elbows and heavy hands lol. Thinking heavy elbows makes sure I bend them and keeps my hands light. :)

    I hope the show went well!