Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ride All the Horses PT III-IV

Since I have been just THE WORST blogger the past week, I'm going to condense my last few rides into just pictures.

After I rode Gid the bad pony I flatted the Yankee pony, working on relaxing the neck and moving forward with dat trot. I also tried out the black sheepskin thin- line pad. (Christmas liiiiiiist!)

Working on moving forward

Looking very relaxed & forward!

Haunches on helped a little
Sadly he will never have a bomb ass trot for dressage. If he was in the hunter ring, I think they'd die for it because he's pretty flat and non expressive, but it still looks flowy. Just not what judges in dressage want to see. Forever trot less.

The day after we jumped and it was just fantamiscal.

Minus the one time he took off about 4 feet early and I almost died

dat bounce doh

He was like a loaded rocket that day!

We also did some bow work

Yesterday, I let my horseless friend hop on Yankee for a bit. Her horse died in a freak accident a year ago and she was itching to ride. I felt so bad for her :( She's actually a seriously awesome rider and has been trained in dressage. She had Yankee looking ridiculously, better than I can ride him.

They worked on a little shoulder fore since he HATES it and general forward moving. For not having ridden in a whole year she looked amazing. Yankee really liked her!

And yes, pony face is sportin a fresh new 'do. Clipped by yours truly.

Might do flames on a friends horse.

I think I'm all caught up now! Jumping tomorrow!


  1. Gah, I love his clip. Can you come do my ponies? Lol

  2. Awesome jumps and totally rockin' clip job!

  3. Love the clip. And seriously, his scope!! Fucking awesome

  4. Clippers gone wild! Fun. :) You guys are looking great.

  5. That clip job is freaking awesome!! I love it!! And the jumping pictures are amazing! Wow! I'm glad your rides are going so well. :D

  6. I'm glad you're still among the living after the loong jump! Love the clip job, sexy! Great pics

  7. Love the new title bar picture (and the clip job!)