Monday, January 13, 2014

Part III & Final Recap of 2013

September got hot again so I shaved the beast for the first time. I wanted to do a trace, but with flair....

So I did...

I jumped tackless....

..and fell off/bailed for the first time in almost two years when I couldn't stop him. Bonked my head pretty hard learned that jumping an OTTB tackless is a very dumb stupid idea. Cool pics though. Anything for the money shot :)

... we wrapped up Sept with my friend Jess jumping Yankee..

...and me, to practice for WWU schooling show in Oct..

The first thing we did in October was the WWU schooling jumper show. It was a shit show and I don't want to talk about it...but Yankee did very well, it was all mental issues and forgetting courses blah blah blah...

 ...and was alright with my spoils.

I then accidentally made my horse a nudist by messing up on freehanding more checkboard. But turned out being OK with it. MUCH easier to clean and maintain. I will probably always fully clip from now on. He just looks so sexy naked.

November we jumped quite a bit..

...we had an AMAZING jump school and I remembered how to eq....

...we semi-mastered flying changes...(FINALLY)

 Through boredom and creativity I got this bangin' reel...

And we ended with a Bipolar month. going from t shirt weather to freezing in less than a week. I ended the year with this notable ride....

 He then got thrush pretty bad in December and I got sick and all of a sudden here is January and a fresh, new year.

Overall looking back I can say we did A LOT in 2013, but didn't really accomplish much show wise, like I had planned to. HOWEVER I am more than proud of our training successes and will use our hard work to further and hopefully advance in 2014!

Get out da way, we have ARRIVED!


  1. Hey, I made it to one dressage schooling show.


    Oh well. Love the badass jumping pictures. At least you got some sweet shots before knocking your head tackless. Can you imagine if you fell off the and then the photog was like "oops, awkward moment, try again?"