Sunday, January 19, 2014

No Such Luck

Tragedy seems to strike horse people more than anyone else. 

I will never understand why horses are so heartbreaking. 

Not only did eventings' Santa's Helper AND Lionheart sadly pass away, but quite a few of my friends have lost horses recently as well. As I'm sure most of you on the blogosphere know,  Mr. Red Man left this world way too soon this past week. My thoughts are with Aimee and everyone else affected by Cuna's passing. I can't even imagine the heartbreak. 

RIP big red horse, we all loved you dearly. 

In other news, I have fallen ill YET AGAIN and haven't ridden all week. It is unfortunate as we have had 3 days of beautiful warmish weather. Of course later this week it's going to get frigid, just in time for me to get better. 

I've been hangin with my main man a lot on the couch. We've watched at least 4 movies. 

Happily though, my hay barn is stocked!! I filled my spots with 28 bales of grass and 13 alfalfa. I'm one happy girl. Nothing like having a full refrigerator for your horse haha!

I promise I will be more interesting when I get better! We have big plans for this year! Later this month I'm going on vaca to Las Vegas and LA but then we jump right into showing with a few jumper schooling shows in February and hopefully Texas Rose in March! 


  1. Dude let me know if you go to Texas Rose, I might go too! (Actually probably not on horseback... THP is all max stuff lol but I will go on foot!)

  2. It's always the horses that are loved the most. We learn, we love, we live and never take a moment for granted, even those 4 movies with your main man (who is very cute).