Sunday, May 4, 2014


Since my breakup (which was for the better) I have been in deep pondering thought.

I have graduated. I am still a waitress and bartender (while its ballin money, it gets old and is SO undignified). All of my friends graduate GRAD SCHOOL THIS YEAR and I'm over here like hurr hurr hurr durr. Single and FREE. The shows here BLOW. I miss Kentucky so hard. I miss lessons.

Nothing is keeping me here past friend graduation and the end of my lease.


Do I move back home with the parentals to grand old Ohio?


Um. Almost all of them.

With good reason.

My stubborn ass was like

And now I'm like

and my parents are all like

 and I'm like


But really, they are offering free room and board for myself AND my horse...which like, how can I pass that up when I don't know what I want to do.

Grad school. Start own business. Train and event. ???

Living at home would give me few months of no bills and some time to save money and make decisions that will affect the rest of my life while not hemorrhaging money.

Because lets be real, I'm a baby at 23. I graduated college when I had just turned 21 and thats TOO EARLY.

I hate Ohio, like alot. BUT free rent/board means I can save AND be closer to better/more shows.

And my parents would love it.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. At least until you figure out what you want to do. Better than paying for room and board while you figure life out, right? Hope you find out what you want to do with the rest of your life! But chill, you've totally got time... :)

  2. If it were me I'd do it. It gives a low pressure situation that will be beneficial in making decisions about your future. Doing so does not tie you into staying forever since you'll be living with the parents. And if they want you take them up on it.

  3. Move home, save dough, compete a bit more and see where it all leads you. Save some money then take a working student position with a big name eventer for a year, then see where you want to go from there...

  4. Take the option while its there, You have plenty of time to be broke and on your own. Enjoy getting to mooch when its offered.

  5. long as the are cool and you can essentially do your own thing/not feel like you are in high school with rules I would do it. Gives you a little time to figure out what you want and likely meet some rich hottie ;)

  6. Hi! What's your email address? If you'd be interested in coming east there might be a great opportunity for you out here!

  7. Do it! There will prob never be another opportunity for you to essentially restart. Once you get beyond the stage you are at (young and unencumbered by job, man, kids, etc.) these opportunities become impossible.
    You can find a bartending job in Ohio, meanwhile you can ride, save $, spend time with fam (another thing that becomes difficult), and find your new baseline and set yourself up for the next step. If I could go back and do something similar I would....
    Now im 33 and have lots of crap i HAVE to do (though I love my life), sometimes i wonder what/or where i could done or gone...

  8. speaking as someone who (literally) lives next door to her folks, I might be biased, but after 10 years on the east coast I LOVED moving home. Also, I think "moving home" can often be the responsible thing/best for figuring stuff out and not the cheesey-cop out that it sometimes feels like.

    That being said, I also understand that not everyone wants to live with (or next to) their parents forever :)

  9. Hey, it sounds like a step up from the current situation. Decisions are hard, but if you don't make any, you'll just stay where you are.

    That's only sometimes ok.

  10. Do it, honestly you will save so much money! I wouldn't have been able to keep Tooie if I hadn't made the decision to live at home while going to school and I will probably continue to live at home for a while after I graduate. Poor bitch problems....

  11. I will say do it until you have some money saved up and know what you want to do. DO not go into the horse business! Look into Insurance...great career with not many ppl going into it...sonds boring but it's me. :)

  12. I would do it! I had to move back home and I haven't regretted it. :)