Friday, July 25, 2014


WELL. I had a huge awesome wonderful well thought out post typed up and blogger deleted it like a little bish so now you all get to read a slightly irritated, not as wonderful post.

Firs thing. I tried to change my header, it didn't fit, changed it back, fit worse. HOW AND WHERE do you guys get all these cute edited banners for ye blogs? I need your secretssss

I passed my exam, so say hi to an Ohio licensed insurance person. Wassup? Need help with Medicare? Life Insurance? HMO? I gotchu.

I also had surgery, non-leg related, so I am recovering and woefully unable to do anything for a few days. Including ride.

Yankee gets shoes today and I am bracing for the insanity that is "special" fancy pants shoes. Dear God, I am now one of those owners.

That aside, I really came here to brag about how fat and shiny and wonderful Yankee is, and my slight problem with B's training. I will just start off with the happy things, like Levi's and Yankee's being adorable...

Beautiful boys
Fancy feets
Yankee had really grown up, always so steady

Seriously one of my favorite pics ever taken ever. MY FEELS.

So there's Yankee. I haven't been able to do much since he has no front shoes and long toes, but riding on the dirt doesn't seem to bother him. Its like once we got B, he took on the role of "steady 'old man'" and has just been Mr. Reliable. I love this horse! He is truly my heart!

That being said, I don't not love Bacardi. But our relationship has just started. And like any new relationship, it can be a rocky road. We started off  awkward with each other, unsure. Then we began to bond, relax and communicate effectively. But lately, there have been a few minor disagreements.

That being, carrying oneself a little on the forehand, sluggish and not forward like the fresh new Bacardi I once knew a few weeks ago. What changed, dearest B?

Ugh, forehand much? Trailing much? Diving into my hands much?
Well for one, I got injured and lost some strength. That eq tho...lets ignore for the sake of pictures and document that yes, I DO need to work on it again (FOREVER STRUGGS).

For two, he is a bebe. I know he will backslide. I just don't want him to okay. I live in a fantasy world. Let me ride my unicorns.

Three, I think riding him in the 3 ring for added security (weakness from injury, hot little OTTB....) was a bad move. Took me a few rides to realize the 3 ring is not for him. Classic evasion by curling under. Sadly now, he learned he can do that instead of doing the hard stuff, like pushing form behind and carrying ones massive body correctly, so he does it on the reg now.

An easy solution, but not an easy fix. Change tack back, leg into bridle, etc etc.

And he will come forward and pick himself up....for a few steps...and not as brilliantly as he was before....

1 month ago
 You can really see a difference aye? All I see is fail fail fail fail fail but I'm trying to stay positive.

 So. Do you think I am correct in my assumption that is is a mixture of my terrible posture (I would like to point out that B's stride is MASSIVE) , the fact he is a baby, and the bitting issue? A few more for your consideration.

A great example of a canter VERY on the forehand (front foot hits before hind foot)

 Which also brings up a whole 'nother  can of worms...which bit should I use for jumping once we actually DO start? Considering 3 ring is a bit leveragey for him. See future posts for discussion on this topic.


  1. unicorns forever. You just have high standards for yourself. Horses take time to learn, think about how long it took for Yankee to be his badass self. Cut yourself some slack, it's not always the rider, maybe he's feeling sluggish?
    Remember how much of a disaster Isis was forever? He will get there he is in capable hands.
    I think sitting your body back more will help, I'd also try a different bit and some exercises to force him to use his hind. I used to do 5 walk steps 5 trot steps with Isis all the time, active trot and active walk. Worked wonders. :)
    you got this boo.

  2. You are too hard on yourself! :) Could he be going through a growth spurt? Maybe that is why you are feeling that he is on the forehand and sluggish these days.

  3. Just typical baby woes, don't be too hard on yourself! I am more of a noseband person vs. musical bits person, don't know why just am. I'm a figure 8 lover! In bit land though, I have a few snaffles I switch up until I find the right one.

  4. I agree with everyone. Everything takes time. He won't be Yankee but he'll be his own bad-ass self soon enough! Keep it up! You're doing awesome!

  5. I make my own blog headers. Do you need one made? I'm no expert, but I like mine. :)

    Congrats on passing the exam!!!!! I'm also glad the surgery went well.

    Levi is so cute! I love those pictures of you, Yankee and Levi. Adorable!

    I agree with the other comments. Babies will be babies and they do backslide (but dang we love those unicorns!!). It sucks when they learn they can curl under. :( It looks like he's just sucking back a lot. Maybe lots of transitions and a whip to encourage him to step up under himself? I'm guessing you probably already checked for soreness, but that's always a possibility when they change suddenly. I have no idea on the bits! I hope you can figure it out.

  6. PicMonkey collage for the header.

    Straight bar mullen mouth happy mouth for jumping bit.

    I think you may be expecting too much too soon. I like to take 2 or 3 months of just going forward into contact and moving off the legs before I even ask them to come into a frame. If they do it on their own that is great! Just focus on riding forward into the contact and who cares where the head goes, it will go in the right place when he is strong enough. I would add in lots of leg yield, turn on haunches, forehand, circles, loops etc...just focusing on rhythm and connection.