Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Post Surgery Overcompensation Day

So I literally haven't lifted a finger since Thursday because surgery. Recovery was relaxing and if I hadn't been sedated with prescription narcotics I wouldve felt all sorts of anxious for being an unproductive slug.

Me. All the days
 Enough of that though.

Supposed to take it easy all week and I'm like...

So of course in typical Monica fashion what do I do?

Get sawdust. (shovel it, myself)
Get Hay (Unload, myself)
Clean out the barn.
Do stalls.
Oh and take dad for a 7 mile trail ride.

In hindsight I might've overdone it a bit. But YOLO.

We only get so many October days in July okay? Seriously though it been freakishly chilly here. Hasn't gotten above 72* in 2 weeks (minus the random 98* day). Today I wore long sleeves....I truly beginning to fear winter if SUMMER is this cold.

I really digress though.

Dad is deploying again (USAF HORAH), and even though he will be gone a very short time, he wanted to ride at least one time before he left. We just acquired a western saddle for shits and gigs (poor Yankee..I WILL be trying this on him later this week) and decided to try it out today with dad and Lilly Belle.

Oh Dad. You slay the cowboy game. And yes, that is a pine tree in Lilly's mouth because she's a fatty.

That Lilly, she's a wild one.
Pretty hilarious
And here's a few pics of Bacardi being majestic.

Precious angel babyface
I REALLY hope I get to jump this week. Its been 14 weeks!! 6 weeks since my leg injury...thats enough time. For sure.


  1. good luck post-surgery, and hope the recovery goes smoothly!

  2. Love the sunflower pictures and totally jealous of your weather! I'm afraid of winter too though. It's been a bizarre year....