Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fatty Phat Fatties

Tiny, yet annoying/maddening/sad update on the pones and their ailments. I hopped on both today for a jiff just to analyze said ongoing possible minor or major issues. Prognosis: still not sure.

Bacardi was a WILD FUCKING CHILD and would. not. simmer. down. I've never had a ride like that on him. In fact, I just blogged the other day about how chill he usually is; eating my words right meow. At first I took it as a positive sign that he was feeling good, but then I just got irritated at the ensuing shenanigans. Along with getting eaten alive by mosquitos, I could only handle about 15 minutes of his childish fuckery. Think, jigging, head tossing and outright friviloty. Should've known when he refused to be caught in the field. Still debating if these are all signs of pain, or him just trying to avoid doing things in every horsey way he knows how. I think I'm overanalyzing, but can you be too careful when dealing with lameness?? Not sure.

Anyways, he was only slightly, barely, mildly off today. I almost blamed it on the muddy footing because he felt pretty good despite the insanity, but my worrisome horse mommy-ness refuses to let it go. Leaving me to believe his lameness was a result of pasture fuckery and not anything else. I will try again Friday!

Yankee was pretty obvious in his front hoof pain. Unwillingness to move forward with any energy at all. I don't know why I am surprised considering the weekend activities and the deep mud we have. I'm still keeping up with the terpentine, but I'm too poor ATM to afford boots. My farrier already wants to slap shoes on him again and I'm like, isn't that being hasty and a little counterproductive to what we are trying to accomplish??

That being said, I took their confo shots this weekend as well. I've been keeping up with Bacardi religiously but didn't even think to include Yankee in on it. I did this time though!

Months 1, 3 & 4
Month 1-month 4

All I have to say is you can definitely tell they are eating like Kings, holy hell.

I have never seen Yankee that deliciously fat since I've owned him. I'm not even mad about it. And B has made leaps and bounds in the grocery department.

For comparison:

5 years ago, 8 yrs old

That fat belly literally makes his back look shorter in comparison. Thats crazy to me. Granted he's lost some muscle tone in the ass, making the hunters bump more prominent but I still think he's very smexy. Such fat. Many dapples. And that does what it wants. I have NEVER made it try to stand up like that.

Bacardi too has made some incredible improvements, but not as noticeable as from month 1 to month 3 unless you really study the pics. He's still gaining weight, but has definitely plateaued a bit. I think he will always be ribby sadly. Unless he follows the Yankee plan and becomes less of princess and is super fat after reaching double digits.

His muscle too, is changing, even in a months time. His neck is thicker still, and his haunches filling in ever so slowly. His haunches loss definition (look at the line in month 3 compared to 4) but IMO is still filling out. The difference in his neck too, from 1-4 blows me away. Little pencil neck to hulk. The biggest change I see though is his muscling in his withers/topline. They're ACTUALLY filling in. Didn't know that was possible. Maybe one day we can get dat ass to twerk, but I'm pretty gucci with a topline for now.

I'm glad all that money invested in feed stuffs is going SOMEwhere at least.


  1. Big Changes! Both ponies looking great :-)

  2. love fat ponies...sounds like a bad day. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  3. I think Courage has twice the neck he did last year! I keep wanting to do another progression blog, but I've done so many of those already. Haha.

    The boys are looking good.

    Barefoot is a huge lifestyle commitment, ESPECIALLY when you have a horse that isn't really adapted for it. :-/ Good luck with that. I generally put them back in shoes so I don't destroy what little foot they already have.

    1. I really am on the fence with putting shoes back on (he's really in pain) or trying to work through it.

  4. I love fatty ponies. They look great. Sucks about the NQR that is bothering your baby. Hopefully they are both feeling better soon!

  5. They look great! I hope you're able to stick with the barefoot, but if not you can always try again when you can afford boots. :)