Monday, November 24, 2014

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Since the last traumatic ride, I gave B a week off to chill. He also lost his best friend, so I gave him time to cope.

He handled it rather flawlessly considering the Winter Wackies. I can't tell if he just doesnt give any fucks, or he's depressed about it, but he's been surprisingly chill. His QH friend was gone for the entire weekend too, and he literally did not care. He might be defective after all.

It warmed up to a balmy 60* and I begrudgingly purchased a new set of clipper blades (UGH Y U SO EPENSIVE), so I was finally able to attempt to finish clipping the B.

He's not exactly the best little horsie when it comes to clipping. I've been super spoiled by Yankee who would fall asleep while being clipped. It certainly was nice.

B is rather...flinch-y.

Like, more than normal ticklish. I'm guessing hes also only been clipped once, judging by the fear in his eyes. All that considered, he was relatively OK for his second round. I learned he will NOT tolerate his asscheeks being touched, and HATES his neck being clipped. Surprisingly the elbow area was easy, but he did not care for the belly being touched or his flanks. Which pretty much leaves his rump and ribcage. HAH.

Drum roll please.....
like...what is this

srsly what are this
So that happened. Its rather...unique. He literally refused to let me shave his belly or the stripes you see, so he now has a rad, very interesting body clip. I see a new trend starting...maybe?

Most likely not, but I'm pretending that it was on purpose and I'm just gonna roll with it.

The more I look at it though the more it hurts me, so I might twitch the poor lad and shave those stripes off to even him up a bit. He really looks ridiculous.

The side pictured is the prettier one. He had about had enough by the time I got to the other side, even with The Boy force feeding him cookies to distract him. He was twitchin so badly my blades were skippin. He has some lovely crooked lines and track marks on the other side and he's not exactly even either...

Oh the joys of baby horses.

His other adventures this week include rolling in mud and working on some tricks.

He's ridiculously smart when it comes to clicker training (which I've been using for trailer training) & I taught him a few basic tricks in two 15 min sessions.

We've been working on leg holds, with all four paws. Target with nose. "Follow-me", he follows me forward and back. See my instagram for the video! Its pretty neat. Also, he learned the beginning of a bow.
Note the very fashionable barn wear I've spoken of in previous posts

Eventually I think it would be insane if I could could get him to Spanish walk, bow fully, stand on a podium, kiss, count and smile. I think that's what we shall work on this winter in addition to his regular training.

He's so eager to learn and as soon as he sees the whip and clicker hes like GOD YES FEED ME TREATS I WILL DO ALL THE TRICKS.

Its been fun.


  1. I'm kinda loving your clip job! It reminds me of the clip that I see race horses have...just a little bit on the top to keep the kidneys warm. I'm thinking about doing something modified like that since Spot gets sweaty more on her neck and girth area.

  2. My ottb LOVES clicker training too! The girls at my barn thing I'm nuts for doing it, but when he sees his target (my dog's bright orange frisbee) come out, he's like YES LET US GO IT IS TIME. I'm trying to train him to stand patiently at his target while I do other things in the hopes that I can use it as a "calming signal" when I need to do things that freak him out (like CLIPPING, or even just tightening the girth while inside the barn, those kinds of things...) Going to go watch the video now!!

  3. He sure invented an interesting clip lol! It might start a trend, you never know.

    I'll head over to Instagram to see the videos for sure. That's super exciting. Since he knows how to target teaching the smile is super easy. Check out my last post for a video on how to teach it. :) I haven't even tried the bow yet because Chrome had loose/locking stifles, but I'm thinking of trying it. So fun! I love clicker training.

  4. i kinda love the clip too lol... good luck with teaching the bow too!

  5. If you claimed it was intentional, I would probably believe you and only judge you a little bit. :-p I've seen crazier ones done by people who didn't know it was unusual. So whatever.

  6. I seriously wasn't even judging before you mentioned that your clip job wasn't on purpose! It looks kinda cool lol

  7. Baby B can rock whatever the hell you put on him. It's all good.

  8. I kinda love the weird clip job. Only thing I can see that will be a pain in the ass is when he sweats down his flank behind his saddle pad lol. Damn red horses!

  9. I should really try some of this with Miles -- I think he'd enjoy doing something different and fun like clicker training

  10. Yeah, I actually like the clip job and vote you just leave it. Let him be the unique snowflake he is :)


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