Friday, November 28, 2014

The American Way

So Thanksgiving has passed and we are hardcore into the holiday season. Christmas dec's are going up, holiday music is on the radio and Black Friday madness is upon us. We've even already had our first snow!

In true American fashion, you know, wanting for things we dont need to survive/function but still lusting after anyways because Americans, I am now silently wishing for Santa to bring me a few things this Christmas.

 I love Christmas; I enjoy giving gifts to my friends and family, I love spending time with said friends and family and I love eating! The holidays just make me a happy person!

As an equestrian it is really hard to come up with an answer to "What do you want for Christmas this year?" Well obviously everything. But I cant exactly expect anyone but myself to drop hundreds of dollars on a gift for me. I wish I could ask for the things I can't afford, but really, its not about the gifts-its the thought people put into it! I try to keep that in mind during the season.

That being said.

I have 3 lists. Not because I'm greedy, but because I am a realist and practical...but still also wanty.

List 1: Things I Want & Cant Afford and Other People Cant Afford Either Without a Second Mortgage
List 2: Things I Want But Shouldnt Get Because...
List 3: Things I NEED But Don't Want

Let us please swoon over the first item on my firs unrealistic list at a cool $2900, used, ...Voltaire saddles

The Lexington

The Elkton
Can we please just take a moment of silence to appreciate the sexiness and practicality of these saddles.

I of course don't want BOTH because that would be excessive. But I cant decide which one I would love to own. I have a stupid long leg and have been riding in saddles that literally fit no part of me since forever. I've always fit for the horse first and dealt with the saddle.

Exhibit A:

Long legs do not fit Burney
Exhibit B:

Long legs do not fit Crosby either & actually put me in a terrible position

Both of the Voltaire saddles are known to fit high withered TB's and stupid legs people like myself. I cant imagine how much better I might ride in a saddle that ACTUALLY fits me & is literally made for XC and jumping. And pretty. Cant handle it. Now if I only had a spare $3000+ laying around....

Second item I am currently obsessing over would be the FreeJump stirrups.

These are seriously divine and would look smashing on my future Voltaire saddle, blue please. Or red. Or silver. At about $280-$440 +shipping depending on where you aquire them.  Thats not terrible in contrast to other expensive items...but I don't think I would ever have the balls to ask for fucking stirrups that cost almost $300 for my birthday or christmas. Because they're stirrups. I put my stinky boots in them. I literally only want them because they look sick...and might have some practical usage. I can see how this would improve grip and possibly position. They are also composite which are all the rage. Also, the outside edge is a flexible material allowing for foot to slip out in a fall. Yay safety!

If you're feeling super wealthy you can buy the stirrup leathers that were made specifically for them at another like $100, but plain leathers would work. I just want them okay?

Getting a hold of them is another story! Theyre sold out on the FreeJump website, along with almost everything else they sell.. But I did find them at another online store after some google searching.

Last item I want but know I can never have would be Parlanti Custom Made Tall Boots

Because fucking Parlanti.

No but really, these are beyond gorgeous and I also have never had a pair of tall boots fit my freakish body. I have stupid long legs, as we established before, coupled with man calves from hell. For reference, they are 19 1/3 inches around.... that is extremely uncommon in size 9 measurements. AKA, not offered. I have NEVER had boots that actually reach my knee like theyre supposed to and I've always had to customize them after I buy them anyways with darts or extensions put in the calves.

Exhibit A:

Bout 5 inches too short.
Another prime example of how my saddle doesnt fit me either!
To FINALLY have a pair of boots that are not only gorgeous, but would last forever if I took care of them and actually FIT my body would be a dream come true. Plus you can put an American flag at the freaking cool is that!

Cool enough for about $1042

*GASP* Maybe one day along with the Voltaire....

A tack whore can dream right?

As for List 2, it includes a few things I'm a little wanty about but arent exactly NEED needs. Like a jumping bit for B since I shipped out the one Yankee and B were sharing with Yanks. And it would be excellent if someone could pay to register B with USEA, I've been putting it off. While I think about it, I need to renew my USEA membership for 2015. One day it'd be cool to fork over the $1000 and register for life. I could really use a few more pairs of breeches since all of mine have holes in them, and some riding gloves for the same reason. I also keep forgetting that my XC vest was stolen and I kind of need one to compete. That being said, I've also fallen wearing my beloved Charles Owen helmet about 4 times, and REALLY need to replace it....

Which bring me to the dreaded List 3. The responsible adult list. The one I actually NEED to take care of. But dont want to because shiny horse things that I also kind of need but dont really to function as an adult in real life.

I've pushed a lot of things by the wayside in lieu of horsey bills. They do eat a lot.

I've had a seriously cracked windshield for almost a year now and haven't bit the bullet to fully replace it. I'm sure I will owe taxes this year too like I did last year. I have a huge routine vet bill to pay. I need to get new license plates and a license since I moved states and my tags expired last month. I need to activate my dogs microchip. Medical bills. The adult responsibility list goes on and on....

The strugg is real during the holiday season!

Is there anything that you're truly lusting after for this season?


  1. I'm trying to come up with $1500 to go to Belgium (I was invited to tag along to the stallion show with sBs) so ya know, NO BIG DEAL.

  2. my friend bought a Voltaire at Rolex...its pretty spiffy!!!!

    I just need cold hard cash to pay some bills $$$!!!

  3. Ugh I feel you on the responsible adult bills.... they suck!! I think top priority should be replacing your helmet (oh and your tags because if you get caught it gets super expensive... ask me how I know)! I finally ordered one since mine is over thirteen years old, although it hasn't hit the ground except for when I've dropped it. Maybe some rich people will feel really generous and hand out a bunch of gift certificates to equestrian bloggers? LOL! I can dream!!

  4. Damn those are some seriously sexy saddles. And stirrups (but like you I'm not sure I could ever justify that much money for STIRRUPS). But a new helmet and vest - those are totally legit Christmas list items!!! Because they are still needed items, but they are way more fun than getting your windshield fixed and paying bills etc.

  5. yea i love everything about that first list - those saddles!!! and stirrups!!! but yea, list 3. i think we all have a list 3... and it's depressing lol

  6. Custom boots would be amazing! *swoon*

  7. You have excellent taste on list 1. :-) Also wanty here, but yeah list #3 is sucking all my money. Sad day.

  8. It makes me sad that if you are tall, you apparently don't have wide calves. Well, I DO. Custom boots?!?! Not that I don't want them...I just start to think it might be cheaper to break both my legs and wait for the muscles to atrophy into a standard tall boot...