Monday, January 26, 2015

Ermahgherd Snurr

You guys are the best. Literally. Thank you for reading through that last post, ignoring my flavorful language and dropping all the positive comments my way! This is why I blog :D

In other news, I jump started the "Feb goals list" this week and did alright with it. We only ate out once this weekend, probably because we are both broke as shit, but hey, it counts right? Not one drop of alcohol either. Also because we are broke and did not participate in bar life frivolity. This might prove difficult later in the month. I did not work out, specifically, but I mucked stalls and sprinted to and from the barn because of cold, so that counts too right? In the ways of riding I actually rode THREE times, yay goals! I couldn't believe that actually happened because I had dental surgery Wed and will get the other side done this week too. I did get a lot of adult things done though, like register my car and get a license and all that junk.

In other other news, the weather, like we all know, is intense and making life ridiculous per usual. It was rather nice this week, minus the mud due to snow melt, and then it POURED Sunday and then it turned to snow.

Levi, I believe, is the ONLY one that likes it at this point. I feel SO bad for the East Coast. We only got 3 inches and the roads were shit today. I know because of course I ran out of grain yesterday and put it off until today and had to trek into town to spend all my money on feed.

Oh also, Blankesicles!

Yes, its standing up on its own.
Luckily, I have a thousand blankets, non that fit poor Lilly, but the blanketsicle problem turned out to not be one. Just hilarious.

There are worse problems to have than a blanket too small, but I definitely need to convince The Rents to invest in a QH sized blanket. Whats comical & unfortunate is that Bacardi's 78 doesn't fit her.


I'm guessing her wide shoulders & quarters fill out what would normally fit a horse her size (78??), but still...goodness mare! Bacardi is huge compared to her in height and I couldn't believe that his blankets didnt fit her!

Determined to ride today in the cold and snow, I opted to take both out at the same time. It was...interesting.

Turns out B is turnt up no matter what we do, and I've come to accept that this is how it is in winter. (Sidenote, I WILL NOT not board next winter if I haven't relocated south.) Luckily, Lilly is solid as a rock and didn't put up with his shit. He reared once, and Lilly just stood there like "WTF man," and rolled her horsey eyes at him.

I've ponied him several times since I've owned him and never had issues, so I  wasn't really surprised considering his track record this winter when he pulled some fuckery.

Very concerned with things off in the distance

I packed my pocket with treats and everytime he spooked I would just halt Lilly, let him fret for a second and then he would come over to me, sigh and stand there. At this point, I would stuff his face with treats and love on him. Seemed to work pretty well and after 40 minutes he relaxed enough to trot a little. Lilly's demeanor was most likely the contributing factor in repressing his explosions and I thank her.
Lilly giving zero fucks while B gives many
We trounced around the fields for a while and then walked down our very snowy road. Despite the baby acting like one, it was relaxing and wonderful. Lilly seemed to enjoy herself too and power walked the whole time.
I know what you're thinking, and that is their matching game is on point. Surprisingly I didn't even try this time and it just happened that way. I just own a LOT of blue shit. Love it when that works out.

my majestic lil nuggets
Hopefully I can get out to the arena this week, but the weather might make other plans for us. We will see!

Godspeed to any East Coasters out there! Stay safe and warm <3 p="">


  1. Gahhhhh, that pic of them with their heads touching!!!! Adorable!

  2. Lily you are such a champ! Hopefully she can knock (or beat) some sense into B during their time together. :D

  3. Um yeah, plus 10 for their matching game. They are so damn cute. And you are so damn brave. High fives all around.

  4. Oh my gosh those two are adorable together! Also your dog. So much cute, literally can't even. I am reading this from my snowed in apartment north of Boston right now...trying to figure out how I'm going to get to the barn later...

    Also, I can't read your blog on my phone outside the bloglovin app...the background is black...?

    1. yeah I have NO idea why. I'm trying to fix it D;

      thank you though, they are stinkin adorable. good luck in the snow!!!

  5. I feel like with OTTBs in the winter you either ride 6 days a week or you don't ride at all. I moved C rage to an indoor because the idea of riding twice a week sounded HORRIFYING and he is a really good minded individual with a lot more years on him than B.

  6. Im the same...can't read or comment on my phone or ipad...sadface :(

  7. Aww Lilly mare is so good!

  8. so cute!!! Lilly is such a saint too - looks like a fun ride!

  9. I have lead rope-sicles at my barn! LOL

  10. I love all the blue!!! :D I was going to say something about it before I read the part you wrote about it hehe. The ponies are so cute and ponying is so fun!