Thursday, January 29, 2015

TOABH: Worth 1K Words

Since the weather is shit and I'm slowly recovering from dental work like a whiny baby, I figured I would share a few hundred of my favorite pics of my favorite horses over the years and make it into a picture sharing TBT!

My babies have always been my pride and joy and I'm not sure many of you know about Dolly, Spirit,  Murphy, Dutchess (no pictures) Ajax, Pearl or Z.

Dolly was my first horse and she was stinker. My parents were horse clueless and didn't know that hot, fat, arabian, chesnut mares were total bitches, but I loved her just the same.

Sadly, that was before the days of iphones and digital cameras and almost every picture of her is printed out in family albums. There were some good ones though.

Spirit came next and he was my Heart Horse like no other. He was an Anglo-Arab I foudn in the Dayton Daily News classifieds, ha.

XC in be that tiny again
He was difficult on the flat and extremely ugly when it came to conformation but that horse would literally jump anything I pointed him at.

Triple bar during Equine affaire Darren Chiacchia clinic
Again, we barely have any pictures of him while I owned him, but his rider in the last years of his life has a ton. RIP Buddy.

Fox Hunting right before his death (left)
Precious angel pony
We then acquired several horses at once. We already had Yankee, but  I got a project horse named Murphy, a QH named Dutchess (who now belongs to my HS BFF's mom) and 2 mini's.

Loved this asshole
Murphy was a jackass and could jump the moon....when he felt like it. Which was usually out of the pasture. He also hated flatwork and most people But he was gorgeous!

This is Ajax, the mini stallion, and he was beautiful and sassy and perfect. Murphy hated him with vengeance, but Yankee adored him. We bought him with a mini mare, whom I named Pearl and she ended up popping out a baby a few months into ownership.

How fucking cute
We sold Ajax to a woman who showed cart ponies and she added him to her breeding program. He was one fancy dude. I na,ed the baby Zephyr and she was my little puppy.

Yankee adored the mini's

Pearl & Z 3 years later
I loved those mini's but had to sell them when I moved to college. Z came with Yankee but I ended up selling her to a family that loves on her and has her pull the cart occasionally. I hope to get mini's again!

Yankee was my main focus all through college and I have so many pictures of him that I racked up over the last 10 years. These are my favorites.



2008, first training



5ft, 2014
And then, we moved here and I bought Bacardi. I have so many pictures of him already but the standouts would have to be the next few.

Gotcha Day!

Disregard my eq plz & just admire pony muscles

Again with the eq

Whenever we try to be cute

I miss Yankee everyday, but I'm excited to see where Bacardi might take me! Love me my OTTBs.

Prolly one of my fav of all time


  1. Life goals = to look like you over fences. The end.

    ps. I love all these photos!

  2. You are one of the few people who really understands my photo addiction. :-) Look how many GREAT shots you have.

  3. ALL.THE.PHOTOS! I also love pictures, any picture, all the time.

  4. So, what you are saying is, you have been a badass all these years? With badass ponies? I see.

  5. PONIES! Yankee is seriously gorgeous in that training dressage pic. Seriously.

  6. love ALLL these photos!!! and omg those minis tho.... :D

  7. I love that you found such a special horse through DDN! I wonder if anyone still posts horses for sale in the classifieds...

  8. You have so many great photos!! These are awesome!

  9. LOVE these!!!! I want a mini sooooo bad! They are so cute!

    I love that first picture of you and Bacardi. Also love all the jumping shots of Yankee! He is so awesome!