Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pants Update

So its officially been 7 weeks since my precious Pants left me. I've been prolonging this update because I've been denying that he's really not here.

I could not be happier about where he's gone, dont get me wrong about that! Its just difficult to adjust. He's been by my side for the majority of TEN YEARS. And now he's just gone. Its hard.

However, sad feelings aside, he's doing WONDERFUL!

He settled in with his buddies, Nugget and Huey, like a champ.

Yanks and Nugget
For a few weeks they just hacked him around and let him settle in. I got constant updates and snapchats because I am a nervous nelly of a horse mom. I knew he would be just fine, but I had to be annoying for a little while.

Being precious
They were a little surprised with his spunk, which I worried about at first, but they loved it. he's not your typical "old man: or even OTTB. Hes spunky, but respectful. he just loves his job and wants to show it!

They have 3 horse twins. Can you tell which is Mr. Pants?

They took him for gallops, and did a few flat sessions. He has a massive pasture and is spoiled beyond belief.

And then they took him for his first official dressage lesson!

Peekaboo behind Huey!
They said he was great! A little adjustment time was expected, but they were super stoked with his background in dressage and can tell he knows his stuff.

Well, duh ;)

A few dressage lessons later he's fully settled in and raring to go. I get nothing but positive feedback and love for my boy. For which I am overwhelmed with happiness about!

After a few weeks of flat lessons, they finally took a jump lesson and learned what I was talking about with " the little engine that could".

He LOVES to jump. Its his fucking job and he is a BEAST.

I wish I could show the texts  L sent me about him but I was just like, yeah, sounds like Yankee. Wait till you take him XC!!

After rocking jumping lesson 2!
He even gets to wear fancy tack and be the spoiled King that he is. Please swoon with me...

They then informed me after a few jump lessons, that they planned to spend the winter competing at local jumper shows to get some experience with him and leg him up for the first USEA show of the year in March. MARCH!!

Yankee of course, was a true gentleman and scholar and kicked some ass at the show.

For the first time out, 5 weeks weeks after arriving, I couldn't be more happy with the results.

"hello. I'm fabulous"
I wish I could show ya'll the video, but take it from me, it was glorious.

They're already talking about the 2016 season and going 1* and i'm just like, dying, of happiness.


  1. He looks sooo good, and it sounds like he's going great for them. I can't wait to read about his first event!

  2. Wow! No doubt he could rock 1*!!!

  3. Yay!! So glad he's doing well. :-) What a great situation.

  4. it makes my heart so happy to read this!! sounds like he's in excellent hands and doing well!! would love to see any videos of him doing his thang too, obviously lol

  5. Yay, so happy to hear how great he is doing! Of course they love him!

  6. I'm liking the three twins there! So awesome! I still miss seeing you on him, but he looks like one happy little guy!

  7. Looks like he's loving it! It's awesome that they keep in such good touch with you about him. I bet he loves having a job again.

  8. So glad to hear he's kicking ass and taking names!

  9. Aww I was kind of teary eyed reading this. I miss Yankee! It must be so hard to have him so far away. Are they keeping him until he retires? I guess I kind of assumed it was just for one show season. I'm so happy he's doing so well and that he is happy and that they are enjoying him. If you figure out how to share the videos that would be awesome. I miss seeing him jump! Thanks for the update!