Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sub Zero

Well, all the positive vibes I was attempting to send myself in the last post did not work and I spent NYE, NY day and the next 4 days with the stomach flu. That was an unfortunate start to the new year, but, shaking it off, and trying to begin on day 6!

WTF is this shit
Mother nature is making is quite difficult, per usual. Raging bipolar  comes with 50* temp swings  and snow, ice, sub zero actual temps & way below -10ish* windchills.

uh, BRR.

Fri forecast
Can we please note Saturday was almost 60 and it POURED (we got 4 inches of rain, then it froze solid) and now its OH, ONLY 8*? I hate Ohio. Its literally the worst state. I swear. Never move here. At least CO and MN are consistent in the frigidness & there are no surprises.

I would like to point out Wednesday is now forecasted at -5* and Thursday is a chilly -9*, without windchill.

That being said, I am going to remain POSITIVE. Positive things: poop freezes in the cold, and it makes stalls a breeze to clean! Yay. And the barn door freezes shut so you have to put in extra cardio hauling manure buckets and going around to the back of the barn! Woo! Also, its virtually impossible to do anything of real value when the mercury dips below a certain level, so yay netflix!

Also Levi was having a major happy spaz attack and it was super precious.

Perfect dog is perfect

And, adorable snowy pony noses

In addition to all that happy, The Faja and myself bundled up and hit the trails because we are insane woodland people that don't give a fuck about phalanges.

pure badass, dont argue

We might be a little cray, but I was SICK of being cooped up in the house feeling like a useless turd...and fuck mothernature, I will conquer you even if my toes are freezing off!

I did not expect much from "The Baby" (I can no longer really call him this since he is now SIX, but, since he acts like an imbecile 78% of the time, he earns it) today since the windchill was about 0* and he hasnt been worked in over a week, but he was surprisingly good.

One minor major bucking/bolt incident involving a nasty leaf and some sound in the woods, but he recovered quickly and thoroughly enjoyed the ride afterwards. I think.

"Who me? I am a perfect Prince and deserve all the cookies"
 He was really brave and even stepped over a few sticks.

Even old Lilly Belle kicked up her heels and spat out a canter. It was adorable and not at all naughty.

"I too, am perfect in every way and am deserving of all the cookies"
We mostly walked since Lilly hasn't been ridden consistently since Oct and not at all since the end of Nov, but it was a magical and breathtaking.

Literally, I couldn't breathe.

But it was pretty. And we did canter once and trot a few times without mishap. And ya know, pictures.

majestic as fuck

Maybe one day I will get around to a Yankee update or making some 2015 goals, but all my energy is going towards not freezing to death/trying to do something with my life besides binge watch Greys Anatomy.

-20 windchill tomorrow. Neat!

Seriously contemplating hanging up my tack for the winter.


  1. I've been following you for a while but didn't realize you're so close to me - I live in Moraine and board out west of Trotwood :) Pretty cool!

    Did you go to a park for this trail ride or do you ride off of the property?

    1. We live off Hwy 380 near Spring Valley, about a mile from the Clinton Co border. If you've ever been out that way, theres a ton of public hunting land and the Ceasar Creek Riding Trails literally behind my house. So we just pop through a few fields and we have access to 100s of miles of trails!! Sometimes we trailer to other trail heads around CCRT to get a different few but most times we just go from our back yard. Its pretty neat. Many memories!

      You arent too far from us! Hope you're staying warm!

  2. That's definitely Netflix weather. Oh, and Levi is absolutely adorable in his blanket!

  3. I've pretty much come to that conclusion, at least for this week. Too cold to do anything but pamper the ponies. Your dad rocks.

  4. I am really hating these crazy temp swings!! Is it spring yet?

  5. i am so cold just reading this... you two are totally badass for hitting the trails -- i, uh, will *not* be so outgoing lol. stay warm!


    That sounds horrific.

  7. When you are done with Greys, you can hit up Sons on Anarchy. Good stuff right there. And then your cute dog can come play with my cute dogs and they can be all fashionable and happy out in that cold crap.

  8. Levi is so awesome. Love him!! Also I was just yesterday celebrating the awesomeness of frozen poop lol!! Us horse people are so weird!! :-) I'm glad you're feeling better. Stomach virus is a really rotten way to start the new year but I'm proud of you for staying positive no matter how hard it is!! So awesome you got to go on a snowy trail ride! I want to ride in the snow again but we rarely get snow and dealing with the mud after kind of sucks lol. Stay warm!!!!


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