Monday, March 2, 2015

Updates on Updates

I've been enjoying stalking everyone's blogs at work when there's a lull or while I'm on break...and it makes me realize that I've been REALLY boring lately. I think the lack of riding has made me a cranky negative nancy, so apologies. That being said, this might be my last post for a while. Weather looks like its not breaking and I dont know how many times I can tell you how cute Bacardi is being standing in his field, until it becomes mind numbing.

Sidenote, there are some blogs I can't comment on at work ( no clue why) and then I forget to when I get home and it makes me sad when I realize it in the car later or somewhere I don't have access to a computer/ipad/wifi. Annoying.

Moving on, I have several slightly less than average boring updates, ordered in no particular fashion.

1. Barn
2. Yankee
3. Lilly
4. April Plans

I wish I had great news re the amazing barn I found, but after some deep deep consideration and endless calculations, I flat out feel uncomfortable paying for it. I ran the pros & cons of boarding vs having him here, and while I WISH MORE THAN ANYTHING that I could ride everyday and have access to an indoor (among other things), I am wildly uncomfortable having such a tight budget. I mean I would literally have $50 of wiggle room and after much thought and pushing wishful feeling aside, its flat out irresponsible. We all know about money strugs, so I won't go into it. Knowing I made the right decision financially, does not soften the blow of knowing I might not be able to ride (safely) until maybe April or later. I am a sad panda & don't want to talk about it because I feel like I'm wallowing in a pit of non-riding despair.

Yankee is doing extremely well! They (lessors) too are being affected by the rotten winter (Midwest weather is almost as shitty as Ohio's) weather and haven't been riding as much as they'd hoped to. Luckily their trainer has an indoor, but snow has prevented them from their weekly lessons in some cases.

The Pants is steady as usual and quite the character. If you havent seen the video on my Insta of him untying himself and walking up into the trailer, you really need to.

"wut? There were noms in here"
I miss him everyday, more than anyone can understand, but I know he's in the right place. They've tried to do some jumper shows, but the snow has cancelled the last three. Frustrating!! His first USEA event I believe is this month, so thats super exciting! I plan on making a trip out to Denver in August to see one of his upper level attempts (prelim) and visit some college friends. So thats fun.

Lilly is 98% better. I was so so worried there for a while. I turned her out on day 6 with a wrap and day 7 I took it off. The wound itself healed beautifully, and the swelling went down within 5 days. Whoever suggested I use snow with a polo is my hero.

Day 6

ratchety FTW!
She really seemed to find total relief in this and stood like a good princess pony for her treatments. She unfortunately quit eating her meds mixed in with her grain (she figured out my human tricks) and so I've been having to administer orally, which is no fun either. Luckily she's on the mend and my worry machine has stopped humming.  Fingers crossed the horses stay simmered down until spring rolls around (when is that supposed to happen?).

And speaking of spring, I am actually partaking in the frivolity that is equestrian activities in April/May.

More known as Rolex and the KY Derby.

This year, because I am a goddamn adult and can do what I want ( and dont have college exams in the way, dont live 9 hours away), I went ahead and splurged on Rolex tickets for The Boy and myself. I'm pretty stoked to embark on the right of passage that every eventer gets to experience. That only took 24 years!

Luckily, The Boy only lives 45 minutes from the KYHP, so I'm saving a ton on travel and hotel costs. Hit me up if you're going too...we can meet in real life like totally non awkward weirdos that met on the internet.

I went the WEG in 2010 and it was a magical experience so I'm really hoping Rolex will be similar! And if I remember correctly, the Derby is the weekend after, so why not go to that too? I've always dreamed fo wearing fancy clothes and drinking mint julips. I also find it really offensive that half my friends and my brother have all gone and they dont even like horses or thoroughbreds. So I'm definitely doing that too.

So don't worry fellow bloggers, I will still be out there, silently creeping on all ye blogs. Maybe one day my life will get exciting again and I can sit my butt in the saddle before its wastes away to nothing but a flabby pancake.


  1. Join the Rolex blogger meet up group on Facebook...I can add you but you would have to add me as a fruebd on there!

  2. Three cheers for being fiscally responsible. It sucks, but it is the right thing to do. Living within your means often means making hard decisions, but ultimately you will be better off in the long run.

  3. Ah, so much frustration! No worries, you will get to ride again some day! And it will be glorious. And so will Rolex and the Derby! So jealous.

  4. yay glad your mare is doing better!! still a bummer about all this weather interference and having to make financially responsible decisions... blargh... hopefully spring comes soon tho and you can get back into regular riding !

  5. Yay rolex, my dad loves to rub in that he has been and I have!? Also heck yes Lizzie Bennett Diaries gif!

  6. So glad Lily is doing better and YAY for Rolex and the derby!! Both are on my bucket list. Bummer about having to be fiscally responsible, but totally made a good desicion and someday, SOMEDAY the weather will get better and riding will happen again. Also, "my worry aching has stopped humming" - that is fantastic and I lol'd

  7. Enjoy Rolex and the Derby! I wanted to go but plane tickets are too expensive

  8. Adulting. so hard. Hooray for Rolex though!

  9. Your first paragraph explains my life rn #wintersucks

  10. I so can't wait until Rolex!!!!! We HAVE to meet up! I'm so jealous you're going to the Derby too. I wish I could go but we will literally be driving from dawn til dusk to get to Rolex and can only get the one weekend off work. Oh well, Rolex will be worth it. :D

    I'm glad Yankee is doing well! I missed the video, so I'll have to look at it when I get home.

    I'm glad Lily is improving too.

    Now fingers crossed the weather improves soon!!