Sunday, March 8, 2015

Not Sure if Happy or Sad

It seems that winter is finally receding and spring has turned the corner.


With this though, I am not positive that I'm as excited as I should be.

I think I'm happy I might be able to crawl out of the pit of despair that is subzero temps and non-riding anguish (its been like 8 weeks or some shit), but at the same time I am DREADING the mud that follows a forecast like this

Holy 60*
At first I was like ...

And then I was like....

And then I remembered I live in a godforesaken state with no goddamn arena (first world probs) and my soul dies a little more when I realized my only riding space is an open drainage field that essentially is a pond March-May.

And then....

Because whats the point of having goals and dreams anyways right

Theres only so much road work I can do with a half cray, underworked, hot, OTTB before it gets repitive and a little dangerous. Only so much appreciating that I have a horse, petting said horse, feeding said horse, looking at said muddy horse in field, cleaning said horses' stall, spending all my money on said horse, before I go clinically insane.

 He needs to be lunged. He needs to be schooled. He needs to be RIDDEN. INEEDTORIDE.


I DO NOT know how I did this as a child/highschooler.

Don't you just wish sometimes you could go back in time and bitchslap the ungratefullness out of your college aged self?

I had an arena for 4 years and half the time only stressed about shit that doesn't even matter now. BUT I COULD RIDE AT LEAST.

Can't now, and its literally my only "happy place/release".

I fed the horses the evening and about drowned in mud 4 inches deep. I kid you not, its already everywhere and it hasn't even rained yet. EVERYWHERE.

I think It really it almost worse than snow and ice and -bajillion degrees. It is.

So while DST is like a national equestrian holiday and I should be ecstatic I now have 2 hours of sunlight after work instead of one...but I'm like...but, mud.

I still cant ride.

So I think its even worse.

Literally, not figuratively, cannot wait utill May.

Until then, I guess B and I will continue to morph into fat sacks of lumpy potatoes.


  1. I feel your pain... Even the arena we DO have turns into a bottomless pit of mud... And with no indoor in reach, it's just going to take longer to get these babies underway! We've got this though! No fear!

  2. I think the only solution is for you to move to California and board with me.

  3. good luck! our world will be turning to mud in very short order too - but i'm still considering it better than the ice!

  4. I'm dreading the mud too...crossing fingers for a DRY spring!

  5. I'd say I feel your pain, but I have an indoor... and it was 50 and dry all February... and it's 65 and dry now. I actually kind of want some rain to keep my outdoor from getting dusty. ;-)

  6. My BM was storming around today telling everyone to not say a single word about how warm it's gotten or she was going to punch someone because she's the one that has to deal with turnout and mud. Let's skip spring and go straight to summer!

    1. ^ Finally someone else who understands my desire to just go straight to summer! haha

  7. Mud. I hate mud. I hate wind. I dislike rain when it ruins my plans and makes more mud. But I also dislike forest maybe wet is not such a bad thing? But as a horse person, mud is basically the dumbest thing around. Boo!

  8. But at least you'll be (slightly) warmer sacks of potatoes, amiright?

  9. Im morphing into a fat sack of lumpy potatoes too

  10. Oh my goodness! This has been my life for the past month or so! My pasture was ankle deep in mud and my yard was literally a pond! I couldn't even walk to my car without mud boots on. Also yes riding on the roads on a frisky horse is not fun at all and my horse is way saner than B (sorry). So yeah I feel your pain. It's still raining here.... but we have had a couple of nice days. Hey I rode my horse once (well walked half the ride)! That's progress right??