Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gettin' It

Today was one of those

days. And I did.

Le sadsack blogpost motivated me for a brief while. I'm absolutely wiped out, but not only did I manage to secure a monthly bonus for May, I PR back squat at the gym AND worked Bacardi and he was AMAZEBALLS. Twas a good day.

I got home a little early (10 min) and barely even changed clothes before I sprinted to the barn to lunge the red nugget before the sun went down. He was slightly confused why I wasnt feeding him, but nonetheless, was an absolute angel.

I didn't want to lunge for long, as we haven't done so since the last time where he laid down on me *crying laughing emoji*. I think that was like, February! All I really wanted to do was get that ass twerkin for minute.

It was also balls hot outside and I do believe the bugs are now out in full force. Yay summer.


Bacardi floored me with his manners. Its like he thought about lunging expectations for 3 months and now just...does them. I couldn't believe it. He halted when I asked, stood stock still, changed direction without fuss, changd gaits without explosions and listened to half halts. It was truly glorious.

A few times he slipped in the grass and freaked for about half a second with a small crow hop, but in general he was obedient, relaxed and willing.

HELLO hind end

WHATS UP stretchy trot

His canter was a bit of a mess, but we didn't have much room to work and he's terribly weak still at that gait. In time. In time.

I was just happy with a calm, forward canter.

Majestic AF
I am slightly concerned in that he's dropped a shitload of weight in the last month. Might be the MOST perplexing thing. Hes been less interested in hay since the green grass popped up, but I'm just hoping this is a OTTB thing and he will gain it back soon. I remember Yankee having some mighty weird weight fluxations around 6-7 as well.

Can you guys believe that tomorrow marks ONE YEAR that I've owned the red one?



  1. WOOT! Sounds like an awesome almost-one-year ride. I love days where I get it, and I love the subsequent exhaustion that accompanies them!

  2. Maybe try cool calories? My trainer uses it a lot with her TBs, especially the hot ones that don't need any extra energy and has lots of success with their weight fluctuations:)

  3. My OTTB likes to drop weight like a mo fo in summer, and then he gets stupid fat in winter.

  4. Lots of horses lose weight in the spring when the grass first comes up because they obsess over eating every little sprig of grass and consume less hay. Chrome did that when he was growing... Now he's just gone from fat to obese ugh... I'm glad you got some work in with him and he did so well! I wish I could longe Chrome. It would make resolving this obese issue easier. B is so gorgeous and shiny!!