Friday, June 26, 2015

You're a Bitch

I am of course speaking to mother nature on this one. 

After my initial freak out and frantic texting to my people, complaining and begging for assurance that it will indeed, be okay, I then kind of realized it's not the end of the world. I just really wanted this to go well. But if it doesn't, it is what it is. 

Must. Relax.   

If he doesn't get on the trailer, so what. If we don't make it in time, who cares?

Well, I do in reality, but I'm trying to pretend to not give AF outwardly. 

Bacardi also made me feel better by actually loading in the trailer last night. 

Granted, it took him an hour and we were both a sweaty mess, but he got on quite calmly. No flipping over either. AND he backed off straight like a normal, grown up horse would. 


I then looked up the weather. 

Of course, it's not looking good. 

Surprise surprise, considering it rained for a week straight last week. 

I've been stalking the forecast like a clinically insane person for the last 24 hours too, and it's really not getting any better. 

There's a "chance" of storms in the morning, but considering the weatherman predicted "considerable downpour" and flooding , I'm expecting the worst. My phone has also been going off every hour with flood watches and it is currently storming like a motherfucker outside. 

And OF COURSE it's supposed to clear up the second I'm done with all four of my rides. Of course. It would do that.

And would you just look at Sunday -_- 

So I'm trying to stay positive. Yanno, just forgetting about the forecast, praying the rain holds off and those 30 and 50 percents remain just a chance. 

But knowing ohio, it will downpour until  my chance to load and ride has come and gone. 

Hey only $80 lost right? 

Either way my tack is clean AF. 

I did ruin my super expensive half pad though. No one told me you cant machine wash them even on delicate. Apparently washer enjoy the taste of sheepskin and will devour it with no trace. 

And the sheepskin is no longer fluffy. I fail. Fucking fail. 

But tack is still clean. 


  1. you can save the sheepskin!! metal brush and some WELP and all will be fine :) You're on your own with the weather though... Can't wait to hear how it goes (or doesn't go) it will be entertaining regardless.

    1. But there is a giant chunk of fur missing. Like....completely.

    2. Front load washers are fine. Agitators? Not so much. :-/

    3. Blogger ate the rest of my comment, I meant to say sorry about the loss of your pad. :-/

  2. Happy thoughts! But I know how it turned out already <3

  3. Dying for an update. How did it go?

  4. i seriously hope everything went well!! we had really crappy weather this weekend too tho luckily the really heavy stuff held off long enough for the event to run... fingers crossed you'll have a happy update for us!!!

  5. I hate the weather... Seriously.... It never cooperates!!

  6. I hate washing machines. They are so cruel