Thursday, August 27, 2015

Creaky Bones

I dusted off the old hag today with the full intent to do nothing but observe his movement and see how he was doing.

I was not expecting anything special, considering hes been sitting in a paddock stuffing his face for weeks.

Thats the face of a horse who's having none of it.

Don't get me wrong, he was perfectly civil.

Too civil.

Thats very unlike him.

Hes not horrible anymore like he was a year ago, but he also has way more spunk usually.

Today he was perfectly fine shuffling along at the walk.

I studied him. He didnt look off anywhere. Not really moving. I can't blame him, he was probably creaky and felt a little stiff from all the isolation.

And then I heard it.

A very loud cracking sound everytime he stepped forward with his RH. (As a reminder, this was the foot with the abcess.)

Surely not...

So I listened closer.

Yep. Definitely cracking. Every single step with that RH.


Hes wasnt off. Did not seem concerned at all. It was just...cracking.

I asked for a trot and it went away.

OK what was going on?

Back to the walk, there it was again.

I watched his stifle thinking it might be there, but no, it definitely seemed like it was coming from the lower region.

I ran through a list of possibilities. Watched him like a hawk. Pushed aside panic.

As I stated before, he didnt seem lame, just a bit out of shape and lethargic. I also wasn't pushing too hard, but I still didnt want him thinking trifling around like a western pleasure horse was OK so I asked for a bit more than a shuffle and didn't get much. Thankfully without grumbling from him though, which was nice. I remained concerned though.

This was the most I got out of him today

About 6 weeks ago for comparison. *le sigh*
Fucking christ I hate giving horses time off. He looks like a completely different beast.

So what I'm asking from all of you is if you've experienced a cracking or popping on joints after a long break in work? I of course, am freaking out because I am a neurotic, anxiety ridden horse owner with a horse that has made it his main goal to cause me stress.


I've literally never had this happen to any of my horses and I've been around the horn a time or two. Even after MONTHS off.


  1. Houstons creaking wasn't related to time off but he had a pretty regular crack and my vet examined him (multiple actually) and said its like how some peoples wrists crack when you rotate them (mine) and they couldn't find anything wrong. Might just be him? Though it's kinda odd for it to just start. Maybe it'll go away as he gets in shape again.

  2. Brantley has an occasional crack after some time off, usually just at the walk or if he stands for too long. I have one too in my knee ahaha. I agree with Hillary, see if it sticks around.

  3. I have no wise words. Only words to describe B and his cuteness.

  4. I have nothing to contribute besides the fact that Wes creaks and cracks all the time, but he's 22 and has been a working horse since the day he hit the ground. All of his noise seems to be just that though. Even on Ichon he sounds the same though Ichon does have him moving more free. But, I highly doubt that's B's issue. It's probably nothing!

  5. My wrists do the same thing Hillary mentioned, but they've done it practically my whole life, or as long as I can remember anyway. Doesn't cause me pain or anything, but it didn't just pop up out of nowhere... so I'm not sure. :\ Chrome's stifles lock up when he's had time off, but I haven't noticed noise coming from them and you said it was lower... lower like hocks or fetlocks? I hope it's nothing and that he works out of it. *fingers crossed*