Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We Have Turnout!

Earth shattering news ahead.

I turned my horse out.

He was not lame.

I celebrated.

Stepping back it looks like I completely abandoned him.  You can definitely see some muscle loss. His tail needs some major TLC. And that mane needs some grooming. Overall though, I'm ignoring the topline with extreme denial and celebrating that my horse is fucking sound & healing quickly.

My father deserves a trophy for doing stalls for a week, scrubbing and filling water troughs, dispensing foods and tending to the red nugget. I *almost* stressed that I wasn't the one caring for my horses because I am a complete control freak about some things, but I literally did not care.

Speaking of, I am finally back into the realm of the living, having adjusted to the pain, healed a little myself and finally been able to keep food down.

I dropped 13lbs in a week and I'm pretty sure all my gainz have been lost. But hey, more goals to strive towards right?

I digress.

The horse was feeling pretty great three days ago when I hobbled out to check on them just in case dad had somehow overlooked something. He was cantering around his paddock tossing his head around and I was like, nah I will wait to turn you out, just for good measure because I'm nervous and you are made of glass apparently.

I almost felt bad not letting him out in the pasture sooner, but I was trying to make it easier on The Faja, and I really was still worried...for some reason. Because you know, horses. What if he gashed his leg and I couldn't be there to fix it. Or stepped on a nail. Or broke his leg. Or died.

So, yeah, I played it safe.

Lilly Cameo
Please stop maiming yourself B, I can't take it.

Neither can my wallet.

SuperFarrier also advised to leave the wound open from now on and it developed a lovely scab and looks great, despite said scab grossness. SuperFarrier came out to check on it while I was in the hospital and dealt with my drugged up text responses to him. I love him.

Poop and scabs. All looks the same in photos.
So today, in typical me fashion, I probably over did it a little- but the stalls got a great cleaning, rebedded, horses got groomed, tank was scrubbed, aisle meticulously swept and hay stack tidied.

I did things.

Horse happiness is noms


  1. Glad both you AND B are feeling better. :D

  2. fingers crossed you both keep on healing with no issue!

  3. Hooray! He just knew your ovary was going to burst, so he thought he would heal along with you. Duh.

  4. Horse and Rider hurt and heal together! ^.^

  5. I'm glad you're both doing better.

  6. Whoops I was out of the loop. Hope you both continue to heal well!

  7. I'm glad you're up and around and I hope the pain goes away completely soon. Super excited that he's sound!!!!!!! Yay! At least you timed your downtime together this time?? Gotta look on the bright side right?? :D