Friday, January 1, 2016

One Year Older

It's January first, which means if you own a Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred they are considered officially one year older today! 

I will admit, I actually lost track of how old both boys were since I have a weird tendency to be terrible with time relationships. Two years in a row I thought Yankee was 10 because it "felt like it". I constantly have to look up their birth years. Horrible mom. 

I also am terrible at math, and until they turned one year older I had no idea Yankee is almost exactly 7 years older than Bacardi. 

So as of today, Yankee Wonder is 14 and Ghost of Windhaven (ack! HATE this name and rarely use it) is 7. 

My word. 

They feel so OLD. 

Yankee is officially an old man and I can no longer call Bacardi a baby. Though he will always be the baby in comparison. 

I feel so blessed to call both of these gorgeous animals my own. Purchased and trained myself. I couldn't be more proud of my badasses and what this year holds for myself and my boys! 

Cheers to all the Thoroughbreds!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! To all the OTTBs as well :)

  2. I'm terrible at the horsie maths, too! I tried to figure out how old my first horse is now the other day, and it was like "Okay, he was born in 5, so... uh... 15? Wait, no... what year is it again?" I'm just going to pretend he's still the adorable 3 year old I fell in <3 with. (That sounds uber creepy out of context.)

    1. 95, not 5. Typing is as hard as math, yo.

    2. No I fully get it! I pretend Yankee is still 3 all the time! haha

  3. Happy birthday to the handsome studs from Bacon and me!

  4. I'm stubborn and only like to celebrate birthdays on their real days. So even though Bobby is 11 in the eyes of the law, he'll be 10 until March for me.

  5. ha so last year when i celebrated my mare's bday (not a TB so we used the actual month), i learned she was actually a year younger than i thought. this year when i celebrated my fave OTTB gelding's bday, i realized he's actually a year older than i thought. #figures

  6. Happy Birthday Yankee and Bacardi!!!! Oh and that is so not old! Sheesh. They are in the prime of their lives. Chrome turns seven this year (how did that happen???) and he stills seems like such a baby sometimes lol.