Thursday, February 18, 2016

Superstar Shredder

I don't know about any of you, but I haven't ridden since last week because of the cold, and then homework. Slow news day, haha. I *tried* to ride Tuesday, but Bacardi managed to snap my bridle in half....

He was actually quite the gentlemen while I was lunging him before our ride and I was rather impressed, considering he had been stuck inside due to blizzard and cold for almost a week. 

As I was putting away the lunge line (rolling it up) he somehow managed to break my bridle. I'm thinking what happened was, he went in for the face run on the shoulder (bad pony!) and caught his bit on the lunge line hooks then freaked out and pulled back. I only knew this was happening because I had the reins looped around my arm, my back was turned and got yanked back. As I whipped around to see what's wrong, I see Bacardi standing there looking mortified with the bit hanging down and my bridle in peices. Cool. 

His gums were tender so I opted to not even switch bridles and continue. 

This horse, man. 

He is seriously the most destructive animal I've ever known. And not just to bridles, halters and blankets. 

His own face he destroys on the reg. I mean really tears it up. If he doesn't stop he's going to have one ugly mug when he gets older. 

My special snowflake comes in with a new cut on his face EVERY. DAY. Not exaggerating. 

I count 11 separate cuts and scrapes. There's one on the bridge of his nose that was particularly deep, but now healed. We debated calling the vet out again for MORE stitches on his pretty face (see last post for face gash), but it actually closed up  nicely on its own. 

Incredibly frustrating though to see all these marks on his face. It looks like I beat him! Some of them aren't healing well either and scar up or don't grow hair back, even with Vit E oil treatments. I'm hoping come summer maybe they'll blend in, but right now he looks like Frankenstein. I'm terrified he will gouge an eye out someday!

Do any of you have horses that are superstars at something? Shredding blankets (hey B), breaking bridles (what's up B) or injuring themselves (lookin at you B)? 

He's going to give me an aneurysm someday, I swear. 


  1. my friend's chestnut ottb gelding is a superstar at wanting to be *everyone's* friend. only thing is... the feeling is very often not mutual haha. his face very closely resemble's Bacardi's lol - constantly dinged up, always always always

  2. Please, you're totally beating him ALL THE TIME.

    Riley is REALLY, REALLY good at springing shoes. Like, right after he gets them on, good. I mean, I can't hate on his sick overstep behind, but I think he's figured out that pulling shoes means no work. Sneaky turd.

  3. Courage always attempts to destroy himself the day we leave to go anywhere. It's uncanny.

  4. Wow, that is kind of impressive. Can't say that I have the same trouble, fortunately...*walks away slowly and knocks on wood...*

  5. Dayum B get it together man. RIP beautiful bridle.

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  7. Chrome always has new cuts and scrapes. Most of his are from Rocky I think, but some of them, like the lacerated ear and when he scraped the entire side of his muzzle, I'm not sure how he's doing those.... ugh! Sorry about your bridle. It's like they know when something is new.... Chrome did that to my new bridle too that day he dunked me in the pond. :\