Friday, February 19, 2016

Temperature Changes

Quick little update since I have nothing new in regards to riding to talk about...

Mr. Yankee is currently battling what seems to be impaction colic, second time in 2 years. 

I feel helpless, since he's 4 states away, and I can't do jack shit but sit here and try to mitigate panic. Luckily, he has Jackie and the vet team there, but I'm still feeling all the feelings right now. 

I'm beginning to think that in his "old" age, he's getting more and more sensitive to rapid temperature changes. Last spring he was with me, when it went from 15* to 60* in about 3 days, boom, colic. This time, it's about the same situation. It's been cold, and all of a sudden, 70*.

It's crazy to me that a simple change in temperature can impact a horses' system. Supposedly. I know there's many other factors at work, but this is too often to be coincidence. 

Anyways, keep him in your thoughts today. I'm worried about my OG 


  1. Sending good thoughts your way.

  2. oh no, poor Yankee!!! he's in my thoughts! and you too - good luck :(

  3. oh no, i love Yankee! you're bothin my thoughts and i hope that he is better soon :)

  4. It must be terrifying having this happen with him so far away. I'm so glad I already know he's okay from IG or I'd be freaking out right now. :( The weather really can cause colic! I always thought it was going from hot to cold though and is from not drinking enough. Another blogger solved the problem by adding a heated water bucket. I'm not sure what to do when it's from cold to hot though.... Yankee has to be different I guess. Sending virtual hugs for you and him.