Thursday, May 5, 2016

Catching Up

Finally a catch up post! I will try to not bore you all too extensively and I do have some media to break up the wordy words.

We are all aware I haven't been riding. I miss it terribly actually and I have contemplated screwing vets orders and riding Yankee 15 days early but I've been good, I swear it.

Mostly besides work and school, I've been doing laundry, working out, cleaning stalls and mildly obsessing about The OG. Super fun stuff.

Me when I adult for 3 weeks straight
First off; the blog name change and revamp. Its bit drastic, but I had been thinking on it for a while. I started this blog WAY back in the day about 7 years ago when my dreams were bigger than my wallet and talent. I really thought I was going to go to Rolex someday and thus "chasing the dream". Many things got in the way, mainly money, injuries (so. many. injuries. ) and losing my confidence. I literally never want to jump those jumps, to even in my dreams, and I am 100% OK admitting that. If I can just ride my horses and stuff them with cookies I am good. Competing is cool but no the end all be all (still trying to convince myself of this).

The new name actually came about from EME friends. They call Bacardi the Red Dragon because of how he acts in certain situations. For one, his tail in incredibly expressive if you haven't noticed and one of the girls commented that along with his chevron clip, he looked like a dragon. For two, he has a tendency to...explode. Not as badly anymore, but he still throws tantrums. Thus, "training my dragon". I have always been obsessed with OTTBs and retraining them is a massive passion of mine. There is nothing better than taking a psycho OTTB and turning them into a lovely creature.

So thats that.

Secondly; I've finally sat down and looked at the shows for the year offered in the area, but can't decide on a one of em'.

Kinda miss this; Circa 2009
Speaking of shows; Penny Oaks cancelled XC and my barn contemplated not even going, which had me slightly freaking out for a few days....but LUCKILY the organizers moved the remaining phases to one day so most of EME decided they would make the trip and save a hotel cost and still get some sort of first outing at a venue less than 3 hours away. Hell, we hauled 3 hours to XC school last week, so hauling for a one day CT won't be terrible. I feel bad I can't assist at all, but I won't lie saying I'm relieved they're going. I was gonna be LIT if my entry went to waste. I don't have  play money like some people do and I really wanted to get him in a dressage ring. There is still a slight possibility he may get eliminated in SJ, but I just want a good dressage ride to be honest.

Me?? Get eliminated. Noooo
Speaking of shows again though...I not 100% certain I am even going to event this year.

I know. I can't believe it either *eye roll*

Will I ever do this again? We may never know 
Considering I havent legit showed one of my own horses in an event in over 3 years, you could say I'm mildly terrified and don't know where my lady balls rolled off to. Putzing around Show jumping shows WITH payback up to 8th place seems much more fun and less stressful right now.

So that might be a little thing.

Sick skills, will def win ribbons
 (2nd time jumping; 2015)
Despite all that, my trainer adores B and thinks he has incredible potential. Obviously I do too, or I wouldn't have bought his crazy ass. So thats a plus.

Majestic potential minus hunchback potato sack on board
On the negative side, Yankee surprised me last night with a fat leg that seemed almost like a non injury at first. I almost wrote it off as stocking up because he was in a full 24hrs due to weather and that happens, but his other leg looked fine. Upon examination I found the root issue; a puncture wound.

It was pretty disgusting. Pus, ooze, grossness. Luckily, I don't think it will need stitches and I will reevaluate after I get home tonight. I cleaned, wrapped it and turned him out for the night anyways, in which he promptly ran around like an asshole in the dark and muddy field.

He has the tendency to freak me out, and has been pushing my patience this week with airs above the ground and running around like crazy in the pasture and now this. He is so fucking bored.

I've been crossing my fingers he keeps his shoes, doesn't upset his tummy and now that he doesn't lose his wrap in the night. Dammit Yanks!!!

On the plus side, Yankee looks incredible. So fat, shiny and dappling out. He honestly looks better than he ever has IMO with me or anyone else. So freaking proud.

March 1 to May 1
Which brings me to my next point; Yankee lease. We will call her V for now, but she's part of the EME family and I am super excited for her! Her goals are training level and Yankee can easily take her there. He basically the master of TL right now haha. That starts May 15th and he moves to The Palace then. I am so stoked. Beyond.

He will be back at this soon!

LASTLY, if you made it this far, stay tuned for a contest post coming up Monday!! By then, we will have Penny Oaks results too and  hopefully I will not have died from the Tough Mudder.

Have a great weekend ya'll!


  1. "I don't know where my lady balls rolled off to" sums up my life right now! I have my first trail obstacle show coming up the end of this month (EEK!), and I'm having so much trouble not being timid when we practice!

    Glad Yankee is looking so much better!!

  2. Yankee really does look amazing! Excited to see what is in store for you, it will be awesome no matter which sport it is!

  3. Wow, Yankee looks amazing! The transformation in two months is incredible. You should become a nutritional consultant for horses. Seriously impressed. So happy for you that OG will be moving to EME. Sounds like a great situation all around.

  4. I think you are an extremely talented rider, chasing rolex dreams or not. And yanks looks so awesome

  5. I love the dapples. Bays with dapples are the best. Good luck with the lease.

  6. Lots of big updates!!! I love the name change, and esp love to see how well Yankee is going!! Also don't sweat the competition and confidence stuff. Hell I've been struggling with that for years and all I know is that it's just peaks and valleys. Just keep doing what you love and enjoy it. Whatever happens happens!

  7. Love your new blog name!! Yankee is looking amazing. Such a big difference. Bet he's feeling a million times better as well.

  8. Yankee looks FANTASTIC! Also, love the new blog name

  9. I feel you on the adult thing. I feel like all I do is work, clean house and sleep... I thank my lucky stars I don't also have school like you do. I don't know how you do it all!!

    Yankee looks amazing! I love him and I'm so happy he has an awesome lease and is moving to the new barn. :D

    I love the new blog design and title.

    P.S. That picture of you jumping Yankee over the table is freaking awesome and terrifying lol. Don't give up on the idea of doing it again. I actually cantered my horse with my arms in the air and no fear at all. It's a huge step and it felt so natural just like the old days when nothing scared me. Once you start doing it again it won't feel like such a big scary thing I bet!


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