Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What Do Wednesday: Rolex

Wow I fail per usual at blogging... though I can say not much happened since I'm not riding Bacardi and Yankee is just getting fat (yay). Super trainer did say that she ADORES B, and I was like oh really now? Winning. Oh also, the blog has some changes, as you can see. More on that later along with a contest AND info on Yankee's new lease, as well as the clusterfuck that is Penny oaks this weekend...

This week was eventful for me though; I switched jobs and spent the weekend in KY doing horsey things...

 Yes those are my parents (far right), myself and a very dapper Bangor and my cousin who loves racehorses (far left). We spent the day drinking and betting on the ponies. It was frivolous and fun as shit. Nothing better than feeling fancy and getting wasted.

Sometimes I wear things other than workout gear and breeches
Then...ROLEX!!! Myself, and my two incredibly long time friends came along. C was actually the owner of Lilly for a brief time (if ya'll remember Lilly) and L leased Yankee from me a few years ago as well as grew up with me in 4H and evented a little with her pony back in the day as well.

We skipped out on Dressage and stadium despite being less than 2 hours from Lexington (SWOON/winning) and only went for XC day because its the best anyways. Even when its raining. Which is always.

I prefer to only go to Rolex one day since I hate crowds and people and walking 9 miles a day. There's only so much "away from home" I can take. I like my bed. I like my netflix. I hate packing suitcases and I love my Levi. Though, he did come with me again this year & got so many cookies from strangers, he was in heaven.

Of course, yet again the forecast was for rain, but this year  we were much more prepared with layers (5 of them), hats, rain gear (boots and big umbrellas) & a full change of clothes just in case. They were needed.

Last year 2015, L also came along then too!
Last year I wore a light longsleeve, leggings and tennis shoes. I brought no hat, no boots and no rain coat. Even though the forecast was calling for 40% rain. DUMB. I wore a borrowed thin raincoat. I used a tiny umbrella. I carried my chair everywhere. I got soaked. It was miserable and I wanted to die. All that made up for it was the swag I scored last year.

This year was just as bad. It LITERALLY rained from 10:01 AM until 2:45PM, the exact time XC was running. Of course. I shit you not, we got to Rolex 2 hours early and meandered around, no rain. The minute horse one leaves the box, an almighty downpour began and did.not.stop.

 But we were ready and stayed mostly dry actually! It helped this year we had a tailgate with my barn, and I spent the majority of the day hunkered under the tent eating, drinking and gawking at horses and riders clearing fence 9.

My view for most of the day

How the actual fuck do people jump this
So I had a total game plan that day to scout out sales outside, to meet up with bloggers and friends from TX, & watch every fence a little bit and then scour the shopping sales inside, then of course take pics.

I did approximately 25% of that.

For one, the rain made me want to never leave our tent, but we did catch a few fences. Specifically Head of The Lake because its the best and this giant table...

...I literally don't understand how horses can physically jump this and make it look so easy, but they do. So after about an hour and a half of walking and standing and watching a few fences, in the pouring rain, we sat at the tailgate and drank bloody mary's & watched about 11 horses get after fence 9 (see above giant fucking weldons wall).

The rain never let up AND there was zero cell phone service. None. absolutely nothing. No texts, no calls, zilch. Hopeless. My phone was essentially a camera most of the day, and I didn't even take that many pics because of the rain.

So I never got to see anyone, and I was cranky about it. Really cranky.

Then, the shopping was insanely crowded and I wanted to kill everyone. The best part was watching Marilyn Little fall off on the big screen, hahaha. I'm the worst.

I was majorly disappointed in the trade fair this year, simply because I am a cheap bastard and there were no great-oh-my-god-must-buy sales like there were last year. maybe the novelty wore off for me, or maybe I really just didn't need anything, but it was so MEH.  I really was wanting open fronts for under $100 and most of the newfangled boots on display were like $250. BOO. Thats all I wanted and hoped for a sale and none.

Last year BOT had such a good sale I couldn't pass it up, and now I have like 4 things of theirs. Same with the Equiflex leg bandages- I was hoping they would be around this year too, but if they were, I couldn't find them. Stubben too, let me down unlike last year. Everything on "sale" I either still couldn't afford or literally didn't need. I wish I had the expendable income to get things I don't need on sale, but alas, I can't. The one cool thing I saw was these weird round stirrups for like $350. I tried them out and OMG, drool, they feel AMAZING on my ouch knees. That might actually be a major splurge item someday when I'm less broke. Shiiiiiiiny.

What are this
Before we knew it, XC was over and we were like oh wow, we barely did anything today. Luckily, we were walking by the sign that said "Boyd Martin meet and greet 4:30 and it was 3:30. We hopped in line and ended up about 15th in line of about 400 people. SCORE.

I got his signature AND he touched me. I literally mumbled like a schoolgirl when it came our turn and shoved the paper in his face like an idiot. Whomp whomp.

Boyd. Fucking. Martin guys. He is even handsomer in real life and so nice. Not even mad I missed out on THE Rolex champ meet and greet with Michael Jung on Sunday.

Ok maybe a lil mad.

I also got some other signatures as well for good measure. Wish  could've seen Laine walking around like a lot of people did. My problem is that I don't know what they look like without helmets and not on a horse!

After all that, we walked around and looked at the monster jumps everyone tackled throughout the day. It was crazy to see how big they are! I'm 5'9 for reference

So while I enjoyed Rolex and always am awe inspired at the talent right there in front of my eyes...I honestly want to spend next year in my underwear on my couch eating bacon and not killing my feet , spending gas money and getting soaked to the bone to see 1/16 of the rides total. Would have seen more at home watching the live stream for sure.  The deals were not amazing, my game plan totally blew up in my face and it was soaking wet. Might make it an "every other year" kind of thing from this point onward, especially because I want to go to the Dreby next year!

So what I wanted to ask you all is if you went, WHAT DO? How did you stay dry/prepare? Did you tailgate? hunker down inside? What did you buy/see?! And if you DIDNT go, what would your plan of attack be?


  1. A) You look smokin' in that dress.
    B) Levi is such a trooper. #Doggoals
    C) I have started to feel like the livestream is the way to go, especially since the pilgrimage is a bit longer from Minnesota. I do want to go shopping, though. Even if I don't need anything. I'd love to go to Rolex when it's time to saddle shop and just sit in all of the demos. I might do better to go to some sort of equestrian trade fair, in that case... I would be majorly let down if I went to Rolex and there were no deals.

    1. Yeah Minnesota is far. Maybe like a one time trip. Bucket list. Otherwise I recommend the live stream!

      And thank you for the compliments. Also Levi is best dog. He loves coming to these things even w the rain

  2. I love watching the live stream because you get to see almost all the fences and pretty much all the horses. Plus warm, dry, and on my couch. Also I wouldn't be able to afford to buy anything there, so that puts a damper on it. Going to Rolex in person is actually really far down on my list of places to adventure to. Technology ftw. :P

    1. Yeah I saw like 16 riders jump one or two fences. I missed the live stream big time

  3. I was in the Kentucky Club so I was dry, but it was chilly. We also had a screen showing the live coverage in addition to all the jumps we could see from there. I'm with you on the deals though, nothing seemed all that great. Equiflexsleeves weren't there. Which is a shame as I had planned to buy another set from them.

    1. Same!! I love the ones I got last year

  4. Fun post with great pictures! I hear you about being there vs. live stream. I go every few years and enjoy the shopping, rubbing elbows with the occasional famous rider, and seeing how amazing the jumps and horses are in the flesh BUT I also feel like I see a lot more with the live stream and am much more comfortable. PJ's and live stream for the win most years...

    1. I really think that's the way Togo from now on tbh

  5. Agree with FoxRider - you clean up great missy. ;D
    Jealous that you got to touch Handsome Boyd and those jumps blow my mind.

  6. This was our 3rd year to go - Love It! Of course, would love it even more if it didn't rain - but this year, came very prepared with muck boots, rain jacket / pants, and an umbrella. My husband stays out on x-country the entire time taking pics and I shop and wander out there to watch a couple jumps. My best deal as on a black leather halter for my new girl - but didn't see any amazing deals. And the craft beer tasting tent was not there this year - on of our favorites.

  7. So disappointed that the cell reception was so crummy and we didn't meet up!! :(

  8. Amazing pics! So jealous of your adventure, glad you had a great time. Also, the new blog design looks great!


    I watched pretty much the whole live stream except a few dressage rides on Friday afternoon.

  10. I've met Boyd a few times at the Horse Park of NJ, and he is actually really nice and a super cool dude! Those round stirrups are definitely unique, I've never seen anything like that before.

    Love the new blog look, and LOVE that blue dress :)

  11. I want to go so bad, but only when I have a load of money to blow. And be 21 so I can enjoy the beer and bourbon (legally)

  12. Glad you got to go!!! Exam hangover killed my Rolex plans.

  13. You've got to be doing rolex wrong if you don't love it. ..lol. I look forward to next year the day after. But to each his own. I did her some nice deals on things I needed or maybe not needed. I'm curious to see what you think of the derby. The only reason I didn't hate it is because I got to go backside. If you don't like crowds (which I hate) then the derby will suck. But I do think everyone who can should go once. If you're in the infield it's like a huge, weird drunk fest which no one actually cares that there is racing going on.

  14. I didn't get to go this year, but I loved it last year. If I'm perfectly honest though I'm not sure I want to go again... maybe one more time... if it magically wasn't going to rain lol. The rain and cold and crowds take a lot of enjoyment out of it for me. I actually loved watching the jumping more than the cross country because I got to see all the rides and didn't get rained on. I really wish you could have joined us in the Patron Club last year with that extra ticket we had because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to me. I loved it. I really didn't care for the shopping last year because of the crowds and being so broke. I'd love to go again if I had money haha.

    I want to go to the Derby someday too, even though I hate crowds. I just want to go at least once. If you're going next year maybe we could meet up again. Will just have to see. :)

    By the way I love that picture of you standing in the water jump. It cracked me up. The angle shows how massive it is and I love the clouds and Levi hiding behind you hehe.


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