Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Pony Time

First off, if you're alive, you probably have read a little about the recent events at Jersey Fresh this weekend. I'm just going to leave this article here and say no more.

My weekend was productive, despite no super exciting things like shows, it was still a good pony weekend. 

By the way, changing jobs gave me a whole new definition of "weekend", which is now Fri-Sun. SCORE for more pony time! 

I have been lunging the boys all week, I've been getting their things organized (which I oddly love to do), and it's all been going well with the exception that B has been struggling with his right lead a few times here and there. Which isn't completely odd, but not being able to keep it for more than two laps raises concerns. More on that later. 

Yankee is doing incredibly well and he is finally able to be ridden Friday, which I'm eagerly awaiting. Like you can't tell, because this is text, but I'm like screaming internally with the thought of sitting on Best Pony for the first time in two years (!!!).

Hi, I'm perfect give me cookies

I hopped on B for the first time in a month on Thursday and he indeed felt so incredibly stiff to the right at the canter it was concerning. Thinking he tweaked something in the field, I let it be for the day and reevaluated Saturday on the flat. 

In which he still felt crooked as a question mark and unable to pick up his right lead without several tries. Interesting. 

No lame steps, no head tossing, just incredibly one sided and really riding the struggle bus on right leads. 

I really can't pinpoint a problem area, but since he was showing no signs of concern from himself (as in not flailing or resisting) I kept working on fundamentals and riding at the trot and kept it to that. 

He's been brilliant by the way. Literally like a whole new horse mentally. Not sure if pro rides everyday for 3 weeks kicked his ass or he's just maturing/over winter spunks, but I'm not complaining. It's amazing to have a horse who shows up to work and I'm no longer concerned about dying when I get on his back. 

Sunday despite his weird right canteriness I opted to jump him over some low fences just to "re acclimate" myself back into jumping. I was surprisingly not sore from the previous two days of riding, which was nice. 

He was glorious. Still having weird issues with the right lead but didn't feel funky and was actively present in our session. Among, not distracted/nervous and really locking in to fences and going for it. 

Super exciting stuff guys, my horse is behaving and acting normal. 

Here;s another one of my beasts being normal, and cute.
I did contact my equine massage lady and ask her to come it and evaluate him to try and find where the issue with the leads. I'm praying it's not a chiro issue because I can't exactly swing $200 at the moment. I'm also hoping he just works out of it...

I signed up for a "jumper show" this weekend right here in town with Amy and EME, which should be fun. I plan on keeping it low key and not pushing him. Mainly I just want to work on show experiences and not refusing fences and keep the height for later. Especially if he's ever so slightly acting strange with the leads. Still super jazzed about it though, gotta love community, low cost shows for fun!


  1. Yay for getting to ride Yankee!!! Hope the show goes well.

  2. Jealous of your pro rides! So weird about the canter

  3. Can't wait til Saturday!!! I have a little theory about the right lead stiffness/weirdness.

  4. O was getting all weird to the right too - the chiro has seen her twice and the issue is SO much better. She was out all the way from poll to tail pretty much on the right side, but not much on the left!

  5. Oooh fun news about the jumper show! And hopefully B snaps out of the weird one sidedness asap!

  6. Pro rides can be magical. :-) If your trainer stepped his game up a little, he might be a bit body sore from working new muscles, which could explain the funcky lead thing. Also chiro. Whee!

  7. I hope B is okay! I'm glad you're enjoying the new job and pony time.


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