Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What Do Wednesday: Admiring From Afar

I was struggling to stick with my Wednesday topic today and thought about just posting about my ride last night, but I'll save that for another day! This week's topic was inspired by none other than Sprinklerbandit, while in conversation with her regarding several horsey things. I love horse friends.

My question this week isn't exactly a "what do" but more of an opinion question. And no its not about the out of control debates I am seeing everywhere regarding eventing. Staying FAR away from that for now....

Considering I have been slowly turning away from eventing over the last several years, focusing more on regular show jumping and flat work that goes alone with that, I have been paying more and more attention to the UL Show Jumping world. COTH does an excellent job covering all sports, usually and I like to stalk that frequently. Along with that and social media, I have developed a few favorites. There are of course the classics like Beezie that I have loved forever, but theres also the up and coming outliers and famous people that many "other equestrians" (aka, us poor folks) take for granted simply because they're rich.

Don't get me wrong, any UL anything requires money and financial support, and quite a few people buy their way in with fancy horses and trainers. No one can dispute that fact. However, there is one "fancy rich person" I can actually respect and totally adore. You might know her from Big Bang Theory. Its Kaley Cuoco!

Hi I love you. & your dashing beast.
I can respect her hustle because she seems like a great horseman and her jump position is solid. Seems petty, maybe, but I have a hard time taking celebs seriously when they can barely give a release over a fence or keep their heels down. Thats just me though. I'm not perfect by ANY means, but I also don't buy 6 figure horses and win with them either.

I digress.

Kaley is a class act, in my opinion. My lil brain almost exploded when I found out that she rode horses and then was ACTUALLY good at it. I love her on BBT and it was so perfect that she was an equestrian as well. She adores her horses (follow her instagram!) and regularly rides, takes lessons and shows. I read an interview with her and she mentioned that after BBT is finished, she wants to go full time with GPSJ and competing. She recently bought a few horses as well and they are to.die.for.

Personally, I think its very cool thats someone with as much money as her is so humble about having a string of GP jumping horses on her team. Some of us could only dream of that type of lifestyle (*raises hand*), but I enjoy following someone positive that is in the limelight.

Speaking of, it is insanely funny to read tabloids about Kaley and her equestrian endeavors. And except from a Tabloid Mag, "Not only did she ride in circles on Thor, but 24-year-old Cuoco also fitted in some tricks, jumping the horse over barriers". I am dead. HAHAHA. That is great.

Kaley, I love you. Please keep being awesome and doin' the damn thang! I'll read all the tabloids about you, I don't even care.
My question is a fun one. Is there a celebrity that you follow and adore who also rides? If not, who's your favorite pro rider? I am interested to see everyone's opinion on this one!


  1. I also love Kaley and her instagram. And I'm a BIG fan of her beau, Karl Cook (he's not a celeb, but a good West Coast UL jumper). I also follow Jessica Springsteen on insta. She's got a different vibe going on, but I still enjoy living vicariously through her amazing posts.

  2. I read about her riding life a few years ago where she talked about seriously injuring her ankle and what a struggle it was to get back to feeling competitive in the irons after that happened.

  3. It's funny you mention Kaley, I knew her boyfriend when I was a groom. It feels like 6 degrees of Bacon.

  4. Of the up-and-comers in SJ, I always find myself rooting for Georgina Bloomberg. Yes, she has significant financial backing, but she has worked extremely hard to get to where she is. She seems to have a significant bond with her horses, and always seems upbeat and enthusiastic. She has pursued success in SJ with relentless passion and dedication.

    Recently, I learned of Mary-Kate Olsen (from Full House fame). I admire her gutsy style of riding. She appears to ride difficult, hot horses and for an upper-level ammy, seems quite talented.

    1. I knew she rode from way back in the day bc she incorporated her riding in to some films of hers. A few months back I watched a video of her and she looked horrendous. I immediately judged. I was wrong in that, because I saw her recently and she looks solid. Either she was having an off day in the first video or she worked her ass off to improve. I can respect that!

  5. I don't know follow any celebrities that also ride, but I watched Tamie Smith last year at Jersey Fresh when her horse caught his shoe in his belly guard jumping out of a triple combination (and still landed!) and became an instant fan. The way she handled that whole situation, never freaked out and kept patting her horse, she's a total class act. I also got to see her go XC and in stadium at Jersey Fresh this year on her 3 horses, so I would say she's my most recent obsession. Of course, I always LOVE Jessica Springsteen - Jersey in the house! - and Jessica Phoenix is another one of my faves.

  6. Obsessed with Kaley's insta. I don't watch BBT, but I love seeing all her horse pictures and videos.

  7. Well now I have more people to stalk. I know Iggy rides but I don't follow her

  8. This might sound really strange but my idol celebrity rider is Carl Hester, i'm a dressage diva and luckily enough I've had the opportunity to meet him and have a conversation with him. he really has inspired me when times got tough

  9. I love Kaley! I didn't know she had an IG account!! What is it?