Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Blog Hop: F%!$ Yeah!

I was reading I Will Jump Sweet Jumps blog (one of my fav blogs & role models) yesterday and she had posted the BEST blog hop, I simply couldn't wait to join!

She says; riding is so hard. Like you know those hard days where you're lying on the floor so depressed and haven't been able to pick up your left canter lead on any horse for days and for some reason your left hand won't stop clamping on the reins and refuses to soften and do what it's told and you feel like you'll never be good again. But you are good and there have definitely been times when you were like omg I am such a gangster at this. And I wanna see those pictures.
I think we could all use a stroll through memory lane to dig up those pictures that remind you that, yes, you are a badass!!

I know I needed it.

Horse riding IS hard. Owning horses IS hard. Disappointment never ends. Dreams are constantly shattered. Pocketbooks are regularly emptied. But its so much more than the negative and I think we all lose track of that when we get caught up in the disappointment. I know I sure do!

It was fun to find older pictures that represented when I felt like a badass! FUCK YEAH, I am a good rider! I am good at this! Riding is fun, and rewarding, and exciting!

FUCK YEAH jumping the barrel dead center

Proud of my position and Yanks returning from the winter break in style

Hell yes! Jumping that big training level fence!

Fuck yeah engagement, lift, elasticity and extension!

Holy balls this was a big jump!!

FINALLY getting B jumping well!!

FUCK YEAH leg yields in a FIELD in WINTER

I'm jumping XC again! FUCK YEAH

One of my fav badass pics EVER

Destroying competition and winning Grand Champ Jumper

Proud of this because his was when we finally starting working together as a TEAM


And last but DEF not least, my all time fav, time I felt like a total 5 ft jump with Yanks

What makes you feel like a badass?


  1. Some of the stuff you have jumped I would pee my pants. So go you!

    It may just be BN but after he dismal fails I've had in the past I feel pretty bad ass when I come off course double clear and with a grin on my face :)

  2. And this is why I obsessively take media of everything always haha. The bad moments usually end up being funny and the good moments are immortalized.

  3. Yep extreme bad assery! Love it, you and Y and B are pure gangsters

  4. Yanks is still my fave man crush.

  5. YASSSSS! You are such a badass!! I would faint if I ever tried to canter up to a 5' fence!

  6. I LOVE that last picture! Those are all so great. You're lucky to have them. I don't have pictures from when I was a kid and did fun stuff on horseback lol. Now my riding is so boring haha. I don't know if I could find enough pictures to even make a post. I might try though. They won't be old ones though because like I said I don't have any from back then. This is a great blog hop though!