Friday, July 22, 2016

Blowing Smoke

**thank you to EVERYONE who commented their tips in the last post! I can usually keep up with commenting back but wasn't able to with how many people responded. THANK YOU I love all of you!!!

Now shit about to get unapologetically real.

Not surprisingly, because this is the internet land, I got a little bit of negative feedback on my Champagne Run Recap post. Not only just on this blog, but in FB private messages too. I found it mostly hilarious because I made a massive effort to focus on my own feelings and not her actual riding, but obviously because I fretted a little at a show with a green-to-eventing rider piloting my  semi-recent colic surgery survivor heart horse AND gave an honest rundown of how the show went, I'm a terrible, neurotic owner.


Here's the deal; unlike a small percentage of horse people, I prefer to NOT blow smoke up people's asses because false praise does NOTHING but create smokescreens and false confidence. I will never apologize for that, color me a bitch. That confidence can be DANGEROUS though if a green rider thinks they're doing great, when really they barely have control and it could possibly lead to accidents. I say this completely generalized and not focusing on anyone or any situation in particular, just pointing out false praise can have an adverse affect and thats why constructive criticism is better for everyone.
I'm also not a complete savage, but I refuse to tell someone that a terribly ridden course or test was "wonderful and amazing". Again, generalizing. This goes for any situation, with any friend of mine. They know this and I expect the same from them. I also won't post something on a public blog that I don't have the lady balls to say straight to someone's face. Younger, naive, college me might have, but adultier me knows better.

That being said, not sugarcoating things gets shit DONE.

V took charge of her own riding this week and kicked some major ass in the sandbox. Since it was discussed between myself and Supertrainer and her, she was aware of her mistakes from the first event she ran with Yanks and let it fuel her drive to SUCCEED.

I haven't been very present this week, minus dealing with my problem child's' feet briefly every evening, so I've missed a lot of the early morning "beat the heat" rides. Luckily V keeps me updated and when I got the text today with videos from her ride today I literally jumped up and down with happiness and responded in all caps several times once I watched the video...  I felt like my heart was exploding with feels.

 Not only was her lesson today a total 180* from the show this weekend BUT it was also the best they've ever looked together EVER, at 3 ft no less. Also her birthday, so that was cool!

There's something REALLY special about seeing a partnership click and today was it for V and Yankee. They were on it. She was really riding well and they looked in sync with each other instead of slightly disconnected. It was beautiful.

My favorite thing is her deftly applied half halt, after the long spot they got, to get him RIGHT back up and listening to her aids. I was blown away and just so proud of this singular action. This has been something she has struggled with when it comes to Yankee, and today she nailed it even after a little long spot bobble. A correctly applied half halt can make a world of difference, especially in over-eager Yankee land. 

Not only was the half halt correct and quick, but it worked and their approach on the turn was spot on, despite him cross firing in the lead. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them work together today and NAIL those tight bending lines. GAH. I've always been impressed with how quickly V adjusts and learns and I'm actually a little envious of that skill!

Sidenote I am completely obsessed with this app and if I haven't already infiltrated your life with it, you need to immediately download it. You'll thank me later.

Additionally, Yankee was eating up those jumps and really jumping quite nicely. I don't think I've actually ever seen him look so nice though bounces, so well done V! He also made 3ft overs look tiny and easy and I love it. Never did I think that by the end of July he would be this healthy and vigorous. Truly a blessing.

There is something truly magical in watching a rider improve so much in such a short amount of time and I can't wait to see where this partnership goes!


  1. How great to see things just click and as you said, such a change in such a short space of time!

  2. I loved watching the videos on Insta!

  3. Some people just can't handle honesty. Just ignore the haters. They look incredible together and I'm glad she had such a great birthday ride. Happy Birthday V!