Monday, July 11, 2016

Can't Catch a Break

Along with rude organizers spinning me out of control into someone I'm not Saturday, karma bit me in the ass Sunday and I threw my back out cleaning stalls. 

I felt a pang when I tossed the poo into the wheelbarrow and 5 seconds later I was literally crippled with agony. I couldn't move. Couldn't breathe. Couldn't function.

Essentially, I hobbled to my car, stifled sobs of pain and laid in bed the remainder of the day popping pain pills and icing my back. I felt like the most helpless human on earth and I was baffled as to how a 25 year old threw their back out with no previous back problems or strains. Quite literally in the top 3 most painful things I've ever experienced, and I got dry socket after my wisdom teeth were pulled. 

I can say this one thing, I will NEVER question people with back pain ever again, or take for granted a healthy back. Sunday and Monday especially were horrendous and today is only about 40% better.

Therefore, with my back issues and B with no front shoes, I decided to suck it up work him a little in the soft grass on the lunge. Sick of things beating me down (multiple human injuries, bad timing, lost shoes, etc), I am determined to keep him in work as long as he is comfortable and sound. SO I said what the heck, slapped some side reins on and took the baby for a spin.

Despite my actual, not exaggerated, agony, I was able to move ever so slightly  and ridiculously and get a good 15 min lunge in with B. He was lovely and I was quite surprised with how fluid and responsive he was moving having pulled two shoes the day before.

Freaking love this
I don't know how super exciting I can make a lunging sessions seem, but it was a cool 75*, partly cloudy, mostly sunny day and my horse was looking gorgeous, so despite my horrible back, I was enjoying a quiet moment with my horse.

The reason I bought him , dat trot doh *praise jesus emoji hands*

The good news is that I work for revolutionary PT office and they spent some time with me yesterday dry needling my back, electric stimulating it and trying to readjust it. I was able to finally breathe without severe pain, which is a plus. The bad news is that I popped a rib out of place and thanks to over clenched muscles, its going to take a few dry needling sessions to get the muscles to relax enough to pop the rib back. For now, this means no riding, no lifting, no nothing. Including sleeping. Its not fun. I don't wish this on my worst enemy. Hopefully more sessions today and tomorrow, the heat pad and the TENS unit will free these muscles so I can get back to normal.

Fingers crossed this won't take more than a few days to get better, but who knows.


  1. Best place ever to work right now it sounds like! Hope you're fixed and feeling froggy again soon!

  2. Not farrier advice, just a legit question:

    Are you going to leave him barefoot to let his feet grow back since he is sound?

    1. I discussed it with my farrier and we opted for glue on shoes instead of nail in ones. He is not sound on anything but grass without shoes and that's just not plausible right now. So we are trying glue on. Trust me I mulled over this forever with horse friends, my farrier and my trainer. Stressing me out

  3. Ouch, sorry about your back. That sounds so awful. But man, those are some pretty pictures of your pony. What a beautiful day for a lunge!

  4. That is absolutely terrible! And to have had dry socket *shudders*

  5. I totally feel you with the back pain... It is the worst, most horrific pain in the universe. B looks fantastic, though!

  6. He looks really good on the lunge, hope your back feels better!

  7. That sucks!!! I hear you on the back problems. I've had issues off and on for years. It runs in my family it seems. I thought the back was bad until I got the slipped disc in my neck... nerve pain is absolute hell!! You may have a pinched nerve in your back too. The one in my neck causes my entire shoulder to seize up. When I poke it with my finger on the top, back, under the shoulder blade or under my arm it's hard as a rock. It's completely locked up. Luckily my second bout with it has been milder and I'm already doing much better. The best thing that helps me is muscle relaxers. I hate taking them, but it's the only way I can sleep or function the next day (until it wears off). I hope your back is better by now. You're very fortunate to work for a PT. Take advantage of that!!

    My hubby's back was so bad that he lost his job and was out of work for two years (he went back to college during that time which eventually led to the amazing job he has now so blessings in disguise I guess). It took him four or five years before he could do things like ride a bike or horse, go running, etc. It was the worst thing we'd ever been through together. I'm so glad he's better. PT is a huge help.

    1. P.S. B looks so awesome and so SHINY!!! I love the longeing pics. :)