Monday, July 11, 2016

Mixed Emotions

This weekend was a shitshow at its finest and I am/will struggle to find the best way to articulate what happened in a...*ahem* mature manner. I will probably fail. I am not proud of some...things. Its fine.

Saturday started off with me frantically trying to find B's coggins. Somewhere along the lines of his last show and me supposedly making copies, it got lost. Luckily my vet office is the real MVP for being open and emailing a copy to me. First tragedy, settled.

Then, I pull B out of his stall and am unfuckingpleasantly surprised with only one shoe.

I FUCKING KNEW IT (oh god, I'm already getting derailed).

I knew it. The night before I had a fleeting thought to keep my boys in just in case they played too hard and special destructive princess lost a shoe. It was so nice out that night though, I allowed turnout. Should've been a dick and kept him in. The only good news is that he was 100% sound and it was not the "bad" foot. That foot had a glued on/nailed on/apoxied on shoe, so I duct taped his other foot to be safe and loaded his ass up and away we went. Whatever.

Sidenote, I def need to buy a boot now because apparently this is a regular thing. *grumbles*

THEN, the asshole wouldn't get out of the trailer once we arrived. Got in just fine. But out? Nope. I asked nicely for 5 minutes, patiently waited for 25 minutes, then put a little bit of pressure on and he exploded into kicking the absolute shit out of my trailer. If the whole city didn't hear it, I would be surprised. Throughly impressed he didn't fuck up his back legs, because SOMEONE won't tolerate hind boots, I debated leaving his ass in there all day or taking out the divider.

I took out the divider.

What a fucking princess. I was so annoyed already and hadn't even tacked up.

THEN, I signed up for classes. Easy, cheap and quick. However, I then saw the course. I was dumbfounded. They had the absolute smallest skinny I have ever seen as the FIRST fence with 3 strides to approach it (you had to turn off the wall to the centerline) and a giant fucking rolltop...IN A GREEN AS GRASS CLASS. As in a 2ft (and 2'3 and 2'6 ) class.

So I calmly ask if they were for real and the organizer proceeds to say these things to me;
1) "Suck it up"
2) "We NEVER have issues with these fences"
3) "A 7 year old has jumped these before with her horse, if she can do it, so can you"
4) "This is jumpers, get over it"
5) "This isn't my first rodeo"

In which I proceed to advise that those jumps are incredibly dangerous and that this too is not my first rodeo, but also didn't want to pay to get eliminated on the first fence because my baby horse has never jumped a skinny, let alone a skinny as shitty as the one that was set up.

B being adorable begging for noms

I still wanted to do the schooling class, since I could skip the offending jump, so I tacked B up and walked him around a little while V was signing up for her classes.

THEN, I look down and see a shoe in the grass. Its a size 2. B wears a size 2. I look at his other foot. No shoe.

I actually threw things.

How in the actual fuck did my horse rip off his shoe that should last through the apocalypse, at a walk, doing NOTHING?!?


 the fuck
I was so done. I took his tack off, cried inside a little , texted my farrier and went to advise the organizers I wanted my money back.

Losing the second shoe of the day pretty much solidified my decision that the universe was trying to tell me that riding today was not a good idea. I listened.

(also, I do NOT need farrier advice. My options are limited and I work with what I have so...dont give me farrier advice)

So I advise the organizers that I would like to write them a new check for a non-compete horse and that I didn't feel safe jumping the course they had set up for a BABY GREEN jumper class, and my horse threw a shoe. In which I am then advised that "we don't give refunds for people who don't feel like riding or had things happen outside our control".

After being told to suck it up, compared to a 7 year old, and advised that I am essentially an idiot, this comment lit me on FIRE.

This is when I proceed to actually let some cuss words fly such as "asshole" "hell no" and "give me my damn money back".

THEN, just as those words come out of my mouth, a girl spectacular flies over the rolltop as her horse refuses it and I think I actually screamed while pointing backwards, AND THIS IS WHY WE DONT HAVE A GODDAMN GIANT ROLLTOP IN A GREEN JUMPER CLASS!

At this point about 100 people are staring at me and the organizer is giving me hell. End result, I got my money back. Yeah, I was that girl. I literally don't care, they treated me like shit and had no idea what they were doing. I was willing to give them a non compete fee and just wanted my entry money back, which I thought was cooperative. However, due to their conduct, I  told them they lost a paying customer and we were never coming back. Which is a little sad because its a wicked nice facility and its pretty close to home. But, only a tiny schooling show and not a rated big wig facility.  #byefelicia

In the span of the day though, about 8 people fell off over those questionable fences and almost every horse refused the skinny. Like, NO SHIT, idiots. I was lit and really wanted to point out this fact to them. Not their first rodeo my ass. How DARE a "professional" speak to a patron like that. Anyways /rant.

At this point I don't really know what to do with B, but he seemed to like the trailer so much (*eyeroll*) that I wrapped him back up and stuck him in. He was happy as a bird and munched on hay, took naps and chilled the rest of the day. I kept the side doors open and he was totally comfortable. Win?

At least hes a pretty show ornament 

Moving on from that mess, V and Yankee were wonderful.

Truly spectacular actually.

They stood around for 4 hours waiting on their classes (we showed up at noon thinking we would be close to jumper times...wrong) and ended up still rocking it.

Despite standing around, when Yankee glimpsed the jumps he was AWAKE. V did an excellent job dealing with that and his propensity to knock rails over smaller stuff while excited.

It almost wasn't fair to everyone else there, to be honest. Yankee destroyed them, with ease. He barely had to step over the jumps and he is the quickest little OTTB you've ever seen. They whipped around the turns and negotiated the skinny like pros.

It was pretty funny because people on the sidelines asked if they evented or were actual jumpers and I just had to  laugh a little as I said yes. For the most part, everyone in participation was sweet and kind, unlike the organizers. I also learned I was not the first person to be spoken to like that that day, so that made me feel a little better in a weird way.

V ended up piloting Yankee to two victories and it was the greatest feeling in the world walking up to the show office to collect his winnings. I resisted the urge  to say "suck it" to their faces as I walked away, but I am actually an adult, despite what my earlier rant might portray.

I left angry and happy, which is an odd feeling. I was the most proud of my boys, and V for playing along with how the day went. Even though he's a pain in the ass with the trailer, B was still a good baby and was quite calm for the entirety of the day. Just getting him out and about was a win in my book, and Yankee's actual blue ribbons were the icing on the cake! It was a good bad day. And as I always say, a bad day at the barn is ALWAYS better than a good day anywhere else.

Spoiler, B sound with out shoes (this is from Sunday)


  1. Aw your horse is sound without shoes. Jealous.

  2. Nothing but sympathy for you, it just sucks. Maybe princess would do better with a pair of New Balance! At least you could tie those suckers on. Lol

  3. The shoe thing sucks. As for the jumpers having skinnies and rolltops, you're going to see that in jumperland versus eventing land. In most hunter/jumper shows I've ever done (including schooling), the jumper classes are just set soft... even for green as grass. They won't exceed the height, but will have things like skinnies and rolltops and combinations even in low levels. Of course this will vary by show, but I wouldn't be shocked to see it.

    Not that you asked, but you would have probably had more success without a scene asking to scratch and change entries due to your horse losing another shoe instead of the jumps being not what you imagined. Show volunteers/organizers work really hard for little return, and although I'm sure they were prickly I'm also confident that yelling rarely helps a situation.

    1. I realize all this. But in 2ft baby green jumpers? Come on.

      I am very aware jumpers is different than eventing and dabbled in it several times in MO. Saw lots of things. But also that was the 3'6 division and not 2ft. I also was calm and collected until he told me to suck it up, among other things, in addition stating I would pay haul in fees. I also said I wasn't proud of it and apologized to them. Thanks though.

    2. In my experience, having shown twice in the Itty Bitty 2' jumpers at a schooling show, I never saw a roll top, skinny or any kind of combination. All the jumps had regular rails with regular standards, and were either normal verticals or oxers. There really weren't that many related-distance jumps either; I think the closest "related-distance jump" was a 5-stride line. I could maaaaaaaaaybe see a roll-top as part of an upper-level Horse Trial stadium round, but certainly not for the Green (or Elementary/BN) level at a local schooling show. I would be quite angry at the roll top and skinny, especially at that beginner height. I have worked at numerous horse trials, and have never once seen a skinny or a roll top in the stadium round, even for the upper level 2-and 3-star riders.

    3. Meh, I've seen roll tops in tiny jumpers, tiny hunters, and BN and N eventing stadium. Never a skinny though.

      I'm surprised you even stayed to have Yankee show. I would have just eaten my money and left.

    4. If V hadn't been there I would've packed up and left but she paid and needed the experience. I personally have seen rolltops, just never at that height. They always remove them. Never skinnies either. Gah

  4. What a mess! Glad that V did so well. Hope the next outing is less stressful!

  5. Good on ya for giving him a tune up

  6. Sucks but I'm not entirely surprised by the jumps. That said this past week I did 3 jumper rounds at an A rated show (.8-.9M) and competed at a rated BN HT and while there were combinations, colorful jumps, etc there were no skinnies or roll tops. (BN height to .9m jumpers). Sorry it didn't go well for you but glad that Yankee killed it.

    1. I've come to expect random things from jumpers, since they tend to throw in random things....but never at the 2ft level have j experienced that even when I competed at rated shows in the Midwest. I would fully expect 3ft jumpers and above be expected to jump tougher questions, but that's the reason I don't enter those classes. B isn't ready for it yet and I don't want to over face him too early so I intentionally stay in the lower levels where I presumed tough questions wouldn't be asked. Now if I entered in 3ft or higher and saw that, no questions asked, they're to be expected. Maybe not the skinny because that things was insane, but def things like rolltops, bounces and even water and banks (been there, done that with Yanks). The whole reason I was so appalled was with how I was spoken to and told I was WRONG for noting it was dangerous, and then rider after rider fell off at the exact fences I pointed out. Because they didn't belong in the lower level classes at all. Major eye roll

  7. I'm sorry it was such a cluster

  8. Sucks about things not working out, but glad you got your money back

  9. Jeez, what jerks. I would have cussed them out too. I'm so glad they gave your money back.

    So sorry about B. At least he's comfortable on the trailer!! That's a huge success. Getting off is just another tiny hurdle lol... You can do it though. You've come a long way taming the red dragon already!!

    As much as it totally sucks... maybe you should try the boots?? At least having them on hand would allow you to ride when a shoe comes off. I'm glad he's sound though. That's a relief. I wonder why hooves are so crappy this year.... all the rain? Chrome's hooves are chipping and breaking like crazy and his have NEVER done that in his entire seven years... it's very bizarre. This weather has just been ... ick.


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