Saturday, September 24, 2016


Ah, Throughbred's.

So very good at maiming themselves.

I am lucky it wasn't worse, given the present issue with his face, but B managed to mangle his hock overnight. Luckily the vet was already coming out, so that save me a vet call. LOLOL

I really appreciate everyone's concern too- you all are the sweetest!! < 3

Poor, sleepy, maimed and hurting B
He first gave him his yearly exam, fall shots and pulled coggins. He palpated his face, with little reaction, inspecting it, trying to figure out the mystery. He  did not think it was an infection, since there was no smell or discharge from the nose. Instead he thinks B knocked his head on something (no surprise there),  creating underlying hematoma's, and ultimately blocking his tear duct. Then we dyed his eye to check for ulcers and see if any of the dye drained into his nose. It did not, and most of it spilled out his eye, answering our question of WTF is this.

Looks pretty gross TBH
So, he got a heavy dose of sedative and we spent the next half hour flushing his tear duct with saline. We think we got the blockage, but he will be back Tuesday to re-flush just in case. he said if symptoms persist we can X-ray, but he is certain that this will take care of it. Poor B did not enjoy it, but I don't blame him. He honestly was a good boy compared to what he would have done last year (reared, kicked us to death, the usual). 

Such small orfices causing such large problems
Apparently blocked tear ducts happen all the time even without trauma, and he should be just fine. We will monitor closely of course, but that is a MASSIVE sigh of relief. Hot compress  to the face and banamine for 5 days and he should be good.

So his hock. Who the fuck knows how horses manage to do these things, but it honestly looks like an animal attacked him. 

It was pretty deep, and swelled immediately, but we still opted for no stitches due to the placement and verifying none of the tendons were damaged. Cold hosing took the swelling down a bit ,along with IV Banamine, so we shall treat with compression and salve for a few days and then it should be OK.

B was a trooper for his care and stood very still for us, which is uncharacteristic for bandages. He's never enjoyed wraps or boots, so I think he knew we were helping. Poor lad.

Pink vet wrap with PIGS ON THEM, adorable

Poor baby
Could've been much worse and he should be good as new very soon, but waking up to that text was still no fun. This year has been a bitch and I really could've gone without all that, but he will at least be OK. Stuff like this makes me think of all the other blogland horses that are lame, hurt or sick and I am sending them all some good juju and healing jungles.

Honestly now I think I am just a little numb to shit like this and simply handle it instead of freaking out like I used to. No point. Just drink more coffee and handle it. Channeling my inner Amy here.

Besides, money is only temporary right? LOL


  1. Man! The horses of blog land are on a maiming spree. Glad It wasn't more serious.

  2. Man that sucks! Glad his prognosis is good though

  3. Glad it wasn't worse and he'll be right as rain very soon!

  4. Glad the tear duct was a relatively minor issue. B stop maiming yourself, mmKay?

  5. Glad the tear duct was a relatively minor issue. B stop maiming yourself, mmKay?

  6. OMG Bacardi. A+ for effort, man.

    Weird question: is that just a wild HUGE booger in his nose in the close up with the twitch? What is going on there! I am dying of curiosity.

    1. Hahah! It's the drain/what the vet used to flush the saline up the duct.

  7. Well that could have been worse. Maybe he will have a cool scar?

  8. Oh geez B! Hopefully legs and faces are back to normal soon :)

  9. He's so special. Who needs money anyways when we can have giant, self-destructive hay burners?

  10. Oof, way to go B. Glad it's nothing major.

  11. Money is only temporary is so my motto. But like, please send me to the healing jungles lol

  12. Sheesh. Glad it wasn't horrible. I hope 2017 is the year of no injuries or illness in blogland. *Fingers crossed*