Friday, September 30, 2016

Fall So Hard

I almost didn't write this post because we have just been toodling for a few days while he situates himself and while I know thats riveting boring as shit, I still feel like I need an update for my sake.

His hock is healing beautifully, no lameness and no heat, but the tear duct.....isn't? Kinda? I don't know. Banamine and hot compress isn't helping much to my untrained eye, so the vet is coming back out on Tuesday to check. Doesn't seem to be bothering him much but it is draining like crazy and making me bonkers.. UGH.

Plus, he's starting to go mad being kept in because of the torrential rains we've been having and the cold temps at night. That combined with the flies that are still somehow alive, and the fact he grew a winter coat over night, fall is proving so traumatizing for poor B. How dare I subject him to easy rides with no actual work involved besides walking.


So, we've been toodling. Unfortunately, our indoor arena renovations were scheduled for this week and sadly won't get finished BECAUSE of the rain, so we've had to ride outside. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but construction is happening everywhere and B just can't some days out in the open.  (for any new readers, our boarding barn moved locations and BO bought a VERY old farm that needed so.many.renovations so construction has been a thing lately) We had a super ride Tuesday night around the property right after a storm broke though. It was crisp and cold (I LOVE IT) and the clouds were stunning over the pine trees. He was pleased as punch to stretch his leggies and walkabout and I enjoyed the massive cropped field next to our farm, avoiding the big snorts (back hoes and whatnot) back at the farm

We repeated a ride like that Wednesday, combined with light light light flatwork (aka, walk and trot for a few min) afterwards. I want to say it was magical, but he was tense AF and not a pleasure to deal with. I gritted my teeth and tried to be steady and forgiving, but its difficult when the fall air has your TB wound up like a crazy horse and he can't even walk nicely on the buckle without losing his damn mind.

You might notice I switched from the hackamore to a regular hunt bridle with a snaffle for now, after his last theatrics pre-vet visit. I think the hack presses on his face just to the point of irritation with the tear duct issues and he simply cannot combined with everything else fall entails. The noseband is super loose, and he actually seemed to like it for the most part.

Even with that though, yesterday he was a shithead. We joked that the clowns that have been running around our town scaring people at night (a REAL thing, google that shit. I wish a clown would.) were hiding in the woods, because he would spook damn near every time we got near that side of the arena. It was frustrating as all get out and I wanted to punch him in his cute nosey.

"Mahm, I would nehvar"
Instead, each and every time he spooked I would push my hands forward and add more leg. Admittedly, over the last two years my hands have gotten grabby when he spooks (for obvious bolty reasons) and I know that does nothing but create more tension.

Doing the opposite of the thing I want to do when he spooks is LITERALLY harder than college algebra ever was, but dammit I did it.

About 100 times.

Talk about a frustrating ride that involved mostly tense walking and some trotting and a lot of half attempts to bolt at spooky tree clowns.

However, I think it was beneficial. Each time he would get McSnorty on me and I would stay super relaxed, push forward (he has a tendency to tense up and trot almost in place when he gets anxious) he would come back quicker and better each time. It was still fucking frustrating beyond belief, but this is fall with a sensitive TB, nothing I can do about it.

"Le flies, le boots, GETTIM OFF MAHM, I'm being tortured"
Difficult, when every other horse in the arena is behaving and doing horse stuff and yours is acting like a dumb dumb....but I have to remember to ride the horse I have THAT day. Small victories are worth it to me. Getting that full trot circle in the scary end of the arena on the bit and relaxed is wonderful, even if its closure ends with the greatest sideways giraffe impression you've ever seen. At least he's coming back to me and not spiraling out of control.

I knew it was coming though. We had an awesome, relaxed summer. Fall signals the beginning of semi-productive and mostly shitty rides of winter. I am hoping though, that this year will be better than last and we can work together instead of against each other.

Fall so hard man.


  1. I'm totally still in denial about it being fall, because next is winter and I hate how unproductive I am with the horses in the winter.... ughhhh. Hopefully the tear duct thing resolves soon!

  2. Hahahahahahaha

    yeah there are certain things i am REALLY not looking forward to about winter. Last year, we spent six entire weeks at the walk because someone could not brain any faster.

  3. It's fall friskies season!!!! At least he's still super handsome tho ;)

  4. Love the photos and the weather! Hoping that B heals up fast and well.

  5. Ugh I am also terrible at going forward with spooks. It just messes with my head man

  6. Lol that picture of his crossed legs cracked me up. Derp! Love him!