Wednesday, November 2, 2016

(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

I have SO much to update and zero desire to post. You could say I'm taking a short blogging break/gathering my thoughts. However, some updates: V did amazing with Yanks and got second place at the KYHP Novice CT with a 27 in dressage and double clear jumping!!  TWENTY SEVEN. That smashed her last score by almost 10 points. The same weekend I met Redheadlins and Slider at RRP and got to watch some fantastic OTTBs in action! B and I also did take some super basic fall pics though that actually turned out kinda legit. It was mostly me stuffing treats in B's face/trying to avoid slobber/fake smiling and hoping they turned out. I think the photographer took about 1000 pics and less than 1/3 turned out LOL...preview..

Actual FAV

Idk what face this steel? trying to distract horse while also posing? I think I was half blinking lol

I actually really love this. Such pretty. Much fall. So leaves. 

B, stahp, look pretty god dammit

I shall update everyone very soon.


  1. Those photos are fantastic! And congrats to V and Yanks!!

  2. Love the photos, so pretty! I love your scarf, too :)

  3. whoa!! nice score at 27!!! love the photos!

  4. Lol blue steel. I luvs it. But actually tho. Great pics can't wait to see the rest!

  5. Holy crap, awesome score for V! And absolutely lovely photos.


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