Friday, February 18, 2011


Ok effing ADORABLE are these things?! They are even hairier than my mini and she is yak. I want.

So, 9.

Yeah, my favorite number.

That's what we will be getting on our dressage tests this year, I know it!

Yankee was exceedingly brilliant yesterday in our early morning school, I was blown out of my saddle so to say. I kept thinking, "Is this MY horse?"

Extensions, trot sidepasses, flying changes all nailed like metal in wood.

I WISH I had someone there to film it or take pictures or something because I am pretty sure no one would believe me. And I want some pictures!

He was so fluid, I felt like I was riding a river and it was powerful. Yankee was doin work yesterday for sure. I began with a short lunge, 2 min on each side, stretchy walking and lateral movement warm up. The bulk of our workout was extended trot down center line, collected trot down a long side-sidepass L, side pass R, canter from walk in corner, extend down opposite long side, free walk. Did that each direction about 5 times and called it quits after that. I probably only rode 25 minutes total (with lunging) but I went before class and had to scuttle to campus and it was BALLS HOT.


Did I just say hot?

Yeah I am really confused too. It is mid-February. In the midwest. Missouri.

It was already 66 at 8:30am and we were both sweating profusely after only 25 minutes. That day it reached 70 Today it is 48, but still, freakish weather!

Yankee after our ride. Like the tail? haha.

I was elated, and was more than happy to go to class after that ride. I am defiently feeling some confidence on dressage scoring this season. My goal is to get AT LEAST one 9 on each test. We have never gotten a 9, usually 7's, 8's and the random 5 or 6 (rarely). Our training this winter has really progressed so I am going into the season feeling quite ready :)

I have been working out too! Not only to be fit for XC but to fit into my darn tall boots! I have only had them one season and they were like $500 so I can't just up and buy new ones. Basically I gained 30lbs and need to lose 10 more!!

I'm ready I'm ready


  1. Congratulations on the great ride. I always wish I had a camera there when things are going really well, but then I can never get those moments when there is anyone watching.
    Hope you get lots of 9's!

  2. At first I thought you had hacked of the tail and was going to cry!!! The light hid the braid. Phew!

  3. Dom , hahahaa I think I would cry too! A long time ago when I was 10, a boarder at the barn I worked has her horses GORGEOUS full palimino horses tail stolen. Yes stolen, cut off from his tailbone. Prolly worth about 3 grand. She did cry.

    And Carol, it is my bane, no camera!


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