Monday, February 14, 2011

BAH, Spriiing is comiiing!

I should be studying spanish but I HAD to write this down real quick...

In light of the recent melt of the ice age, warmer temperatures and stocking up on show supplies I find myself chomping on the bit to get competing again...

ALL effing day today I could not get my mind off this upcoming season. I was daydreaming about show schedules, braiding late at night before dressage day, warming up, the excitement of XC day, long road trips, moeny going down the drain all in the name of horses, dressage tests, stadium rounds, training techniques on and on and on.

I just CANNOT wait to be doing this again!

Minus being super rich, I feel this year will be our year. I feel extremely confidant in our recent success's and I hope to continue getting better. I know I can't rush things, and I have till May for the 1st event of my season, but I would love to hit up the (cheaper) dresasge and jumper shows.

I've been a zombie for about a week now in classes...zoning out when it gets too boring and try to meticulously plan everything out for this season. I have so many shows lined up! I know I won't be able to do all of them, but the more I plan for, the more that I will actually be able to attend.

First I need to convince my mom to let me come and get the family horse trailer 2 months early....I REEEALLY want to do some shows in March. Puh-leez mutty??

I found it funny whilst daydreaming, that I can remember exactly what supplements and rations to feed 20 horses, or the exact dates of every show in April-November, the rules for eventing, or when I last wormed-what kind of wormer it was, the last time the farrier came, and when he is due again but I for-the-life-of-me cannot conjugate the spanish verb 'ser' or what the range and domain of a function is.

Horse people are funny like that.

Don't you agree?

I definitely wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. that is exactly right, i can make up a bran mash from scratch, but ask me to make a meal for human consumption and i'm floored.

    it seems weird that your competition season is coming up, as mine is nearing the end.

    the photo you used is absolutely beautiful, great looking horse.

  2. thank you! That was about 2 years ago, its one of my fav. pics :) He has gotten lighter since then though :( I love blacks!

    Where do you live that it is ending? NZ is the only place I can think of that is winding up.

  3. Wait... you're not supposed to zone out during the boring parts of class? Damn. That's how I got through college. Next you're going to tell me we're supposed to study outside of class, too.

    Glad you're excited for the season. I still have tons to do to get ready.

  4. This time of year gets me itching for future rides too :)