Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eventing Stands for Cross Country

Yeah for those of you who know your alphabet you are prolly thinking I am high off something. Well I am actually...


All thanks to Eventing Nation and the awesome vid link of the advanced XC rides at Rocking Horse.

Not only am I insanely jealous of those going advanced, but I am seriously jealous of those who actually are getting to event right now. Stacey. Grr face.

I would like to wish her a happy congrats though on her 5th place at Novice this weekend! Yay Klein mare :)

In all seriousness though, I am taking this season verrrry seriously. I have weekly calendars made out for Yankee's workouts, notes I take, goals written down and prospective shows. I didn't steal the idea fro Andrea over at Eventing A Gogo, but it is neat to know other people do it too. Do any of you?

Example from March/April last year

January of this year

I have at least 2 hack/conditioning days set, 1 jump day, and 1 dressage day, maybe 2 and if we are both feeling it, a lunge session to work out stiffness and work on suppling.
I am hoping this year neither of us will feel tired at minute 3:30 out on XC and we can finish barely blowing. Usually, I loose it after 3 minutes and can barely hold myself up in the saddle and thus Yankee gets away with WAY too much. Running off, barely jumping properly, no balance, and shying at random things like leaves on the ground.
Nah, not this year pal.

I am ITCHING like mad to get out and jump some big shit. We are sick of schooling in the arena, we wanna go hog wild (well, controlled, balanced, collected hog wild) out in the open. I was Extremely worried that moving to MO, I would have no XC fences to school. I left an AMAZING XC/dressage park called Twin Towers in Yellow Springs, OH that was only 20 min, from my house. It had fences from starter to Prlim and MILES of galloping paths. Plus 2 dressage rings and a barn. It was heaven and I went twice a week or so. Thankfully, New Spring Farm has some high class facilities since the lovely stallion, Windfall, schools there along with all his offspring in training. WIN!

But we need the weather to clear up and let the ground be nice enough. Sadly, MO springs are awfully soaking wet and I doubt it'll be till April till we can really school. Hopefully within the next few weeks we can get out and school some lower level stuffies.


That was my cry of frustration with mother nature.

ALSO, I bought this sweet pad off ebay. My last XC pad was massive and swallowed Yankee up whole. Plus it was white with blue piping and you couldn't even tell it was blue. Also, the ventilation on this pad is better than my last. ((I only use the half pad for now since his back changed yet again. This is his other jumping saddle I had to switch to about a month ago. His other saddle is a close contact with dressage billets. I love, but it doesn't fit him and this one is only acceptable to him with the half pad. I HATE them and think most ppl only use them b/c they are trendy. I also think it is retarded to spend $200 on a half pad that most horses don't even need.)) I LOVE blue & blue/white are my XC/barn colors. DON'T ASK. I am a nut for color coordination. My vest is blue and his XC boots are blue and white. All (most) his blankets are blue and his shipping boots are blue and his lead rope and his standing wraps....I love blue. I'm a freak.


As EN would say, Go Eventing.


  1. Thanks!!!

    LOL Eventing does stand for XC. After dressage this weekend this guy gets off his horse and goes "Good, that's over, now we get to jump!"

    I don't write everything out as detailed as you do but I do always have a plan for Klein mare.

    Blue has always been my favorite color. So blue and white are our xc colors too. Blue really stands out on Klein mare too.

  2. I <3 blue.

    I'm less coordinated than you are, but we're getting there.

    Hooray XC!

  3. Ahhh I feel like I have tried to post this at least 3 times but blogger keeps deleting it!!

    Anyways, I am a freak about blue too. Our colors are royal and white so for XC I have a royal polo and vest, a royal/white helmet cover, white pad with royal trim and white boots with royal tape.

    Maybe one day we will both be at some big event together and we can stable together and be all matchy:)