Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jumping Win

You heard it, great jumping today!

I really think that 2 weeks off did him well :)

We did some gridwork and 2 stride combo and video recorded it for my app. to Equine Affaire.

I'm not gonna say much more because I am still working on the vids for EA as well and I have massive amounts of HW...but here are some pics!

My position still needs major work, but that's why I am applying to EA.

I really let him just JUMP today. I didn't nit-pick with his stride or try to get the right leads on landing I just let him jump....turned out well :)


Yeah this was a beast to set up by took me 40 minutes and I sweat like a mofo. They are HEAVY. Adn I had to drag it all from a shed... Then again it was 50 degrees today so that was like a heatwave compared to -2 to 10 regular temps the past week.

Warm up

4th jump in the grid

2nd jump of the 2 stride

2nd jump of 2 stride

4th jump of grid

H and Pronto

He is such a cutey :D

All in all, fantastic jump day :)


  1. Cool!!! Did better than I would have lol

  2. Yay! Glad to hear it!! Lookin' good! Maybe that was the biggest part of your issues, nit-picking/micro-managing?

  3. I am thinking it was! Same with the canter transitions 2 days ago...silly me.

  4. That's great! Good for you. I'm jealous of all your jump options.

  5. Trust me, this is my first year having anything resembling stadium fences. I am so lucky, and I appreciate being able to board here. We have an entire stadium course with tons of options and a full XC course BN- advanced level jumps. Like I said this is my 1st year having that avail to me. Back home I jumped trash cans, fence poles, blankets draped over broomsticks and picnic tables to school, lol but I think it helped him get used to weird stuff.

  6. Hey, good to hear it's going so well! You guys are looking good.

    If he's anything like my OTTB was, I'm not surprised micromanagement was a little bit of an issue ;) He looks like he's jumping fantastically, so whatever you're doing, it's working nicely!

  7. Hey!! We're in the same USEA area.. I live about 3 hours outside of columbia! Maybe I'll catch ya at MCPC Horse Trials, Briar Fox, or Heritage Park!! :)

  8. Micromanaging fail! lol
    And Mallory! OMG I have been looking for a friend in my area! I miss my old area (8). I plan on hitting up 3 if funds allow...maybe we can carpool? Where in MO?

  9. It's amazing how much better a horse can do when we allow them to do it. Isn't it?

    I know how dedicated you have to be to pull all of those jumps out and set them up. They weigh a ton and are awkward besides. At least it qualifies as resistance training and is a great for of exercise for bone density. LOL

  10. I'm actually in Overland Park, Kansas. It's literally ten minutes from Heritage Horse Park, and 25 from Longview Horse Park! Have you been to MCPC trials or Heritage before? Both put on fabulous events!! And Briar Fox is a GREAT moving up course, just for the future ;)

  11. NO actually I have not. I only brought Yanks down in October, he lived in Ohio with my mom for my soph. year. I transferred as a sophomore to MU. Awesome advice though, I will take that into consideration! Heritage looks amazing!


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