Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mud Fairy

Warning: slight cursing.

I have had a terrible 2 days. The weather is definitely a huge problem. Snarky little ass decided to tempt me with 70 degree weather only to slap me in the face and dump a "wintery mix" whatever the eff that is, down on Missouri. The oh so competant weatherman did not see this coming either, so my poor pony and I suffered in this 'wintery mix'.

I shall elaborate.

First, my Spanish professor told me I have a small brain. Thanks a heap dickface, I am SO SORRY I am not fluent in a foreign language after 5 weeks. Maybe if you knew ENGLISH a bit better and translated instead of leaving us to try and figur eout what the hell you are talking about I would learn better.

Second, painting prof. assigned 4 more paintings due Tues. Making that a total of 6. I simply do not have time to paint that many! I have spent 9 hours alone on one. ONE.

Third, I got back 2 papers I worked seriously hard on....and got a B- and C+ on them both. Ohmigod! I pride myself on my writing skills. I can actually write a damn good paper. I got a perfect on the ACT 3 times in writing....and I wanted to shoot myself in the face after getting these papers back. I do not like college.

Fourth, I wore a sweater with a vest over it on a day that was predicted to be 42 and cloudy. Usually I run hot, since I carry a 40lb bookbag and walk miles and miles and miles inbetween every class (not really but over a day I do walk 2 miles. I checked it one day), so I thought I would be fine. Then it started raining. No big, just some sprinkles. Then it poured. Ok this is not awesome. Then after sitting in a classroom, soaked, I come out to find the temp dropped dramatically and it is now snowing. I am possibly hypothermic by now. Shoes soaked, pants soaked, sweater drenched. Awesome.

I was the 20 min. back to my car at end of the day. I get splashed by bus. Whatever, I'm already soaked. I will be home soon. I get to car, excited to turn heat on, excitedly put key in ignition. No start. WTF. Try again. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

I clamber back out. I am sure I look pathetic. I am sad, I want to go home, I am exhausted and freezing. I walk back to main campus snivelling and sobbing. Several people stop and ask if I am ok. I am not. I call my best friend and beg her to come get me and take me home.

Bad day.

Poor Yankee only had the sheet on and he was SO COLD. I felt awful :( It looked and felt exactly like I did.

Yesterday about did me in. I've been staying up late in hopes to get some of the crazy amounts of HW done, and getting up early at 6 to take Brandon to work since we only have one car (as we learned previously, mine is dead). I am extremely tired. I had class ALL DAY. 8 am to 3pm, straight then I happily * snort * made my way home to change to get to work. I somehow, fell asleep?? It was mysterious, I guess I was wicked tired. Late for work. Arrived and found it was a rapage. No shift change was done and I had to do it ALL. Thanks a heap it's not like we are busy or anything. PLEASE. FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING CUDDLY AND CUTE DO NOT GO ON THE NBC WEBSITE AND PRINT OFF THE BOGO OFFER FOR CHIPOTLE. I will love you. It was SO crazy busy I thought the sheer volumes of people would crush the soul out of my body. I have never seen it so busy and I was barely hanging onto life. GAH. I didn't get out of there till 12am.

Today I woke up AGAIN at 630 to feed and clean barn and then, I attempted to ride my horsey, who got 3 days off. I thought he would be all fresh faced and ready to go but I got about 5 swift kicks and a few vicious nips thrown my way. A-what-now? HE HAS NEEEEEEVER kicked at me before. I was too tired to deal with trying to ride so I groomed this beast instead.

The before before pictures...

This used to be the nice, clean brand new sheet I bought off ebay a day ago.....

The mud fairy visited us in the night.

He says, "What, whatd I do mom? I am cute. Feed me treat foods."

A mud encruste dneck and mane....the mane looks pretty clean in this picture. I assure you, twas not.

A mud encrusted tail. I wish the picture did it justice, it looks positively clean compared to what it really looks like.

What is this? mud with substance!? Blasphemous!

So disgusted with this weather. I can't be mad at Yanks for rolling, the mud is just a reminder of how miserable the weather has been. Sometimes I really hate the thought of spring.

I knew he would get it filthy :P

You know what though, even though I didn't get to ride, he still made me feel better :) Getting him all clean made me feel like I finally did something right and he enjoyed that at least.

Tommorrow is a new day.

Too bad I work tonight.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that :((((
    It will get better :)))
    Horses make life better!

  2. At least you don't have to deal with Amber right now. Tip toeing, toe dragging, white line gone, hip-out-of-alignment little booger is going to cost me a good heap to get fixed. :P But all worth it.

    The little training I got in on her has gone capoot though. Oh well.

    Our situation should make you feel loads better though, LOL.

  3. Argh. I hate days like that. At least it will get better, right? It would be hard to get worse.

    Hang in there.