Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Schooling and Equine Affaire


So for those of you who watch the video I wanted to say that I know we are crooked, especially his head, but we are working on it. I am playing with rein pressure to see what helps him balance better. At least he crosses over, that used to be nonexistent. He also looses major impulsion to the R at times, so I know we need to work on that too. But this is why I post-to show our training!

Our flying changes are getting smoother too!! He used to buck all feisty like when I would ask and he only does it a little when switching from R to L.

I put some lunging in there to show how we warm up most days. Yankee was SOOO happy to get to be in the outside arena. Only drawback is that the horses turned out majorly distract him and it gets really annoying trying to keep ADD pony's attention.

As for the extensions, my God, he has improved. Actual engagement is happening and less running occurs. He is even starting to flick his little toes a bit.

All in time :)

If you don't want to watch all 5 min of the vid, here are some pics.
Ahh, side pass :)

Weensy bit crooked face

Awwwww SNAP! Looky there.

In other GREAT news, we got chosen to represent eventing Thoroughbreds at Equine Affaire in the breed demo. We are also representing New Vocations at the breed demo since that is who contacted me to see if I was interested, and I adopted Yanks from there. In an off note, they have another 'Yankee' up for adoption. Funny.

I hope this will be an amazing opp. to show what OTTBs are capable of and I am super proud of my Yankee and that we got chosen!! I hope he behaves like a good boy and maybe sheds out a little? haha. That's a funny joke, since he never sheds all the way out till JUNE. Yes, June.

I also hope I get selected to participate in the jumping clinics since I get 50% off on the clinic for being in the breed demos. I worked mega hard on the videos and letter application so we shall see...

In other news, college is raping me and I want to quit. I gained 2lbs but I feel like it is muscle since I feel slimmer. I've been complaining the past 3 days since I want to go participate at William Woods University jumper show Mar. 4 but no one is going/can take me. I don't get my trailer till end of March :( Also, it is cold again and I hates its!!!

Happy hump day.


  1. Loved the video--Yankee is a cool horse to watch. Very enthusiastic upward transitions on the lunge. ;-)

    Bummer about the show, but at least you have a truck and trailer. I get to bum rides always.

  2. Nice sidepassing, we are still working on "what do my (rider's) legs mean" at my house. :P Its been slow work. :P

  3. He is always enthusiastic about cantering :P silly pony. That really blows about bumming rides. I borrow my parents right now, since B and I are saving up to buy second hand truck and trailer.

    Thank you Rebecca, it's been some work. Almost all winter, and it started slowly too.As an OTTB he really didn't know leg at all, so it's cool th at after 5 years he can sidepass :) Takes time, keep at it! We still have much to perfect.

  4. He's so pretty to watch :) Lookin' good. Your videos make me want to start taping my schooling rides.

  5. Looks like things are moving right along. That's very cool

    You'll love having your own trailer and not being dependant on other for a ride. I still remember when I first got mine. It was so liberating.

    Sorry that school sucks. I can't imagine having to do school again.

  6. Congrats! Yankee will represent!

    I like being able to look at him and think that someday we'll get there. :)

  7. What a gorgeous boy you have...that TROT is incredible, you SHOULD be proud!! You two make a truly lovely pair, and I'm not surprised you were picked to represent:) Congrats!


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